Bolton Hill Marathon



  • thanks Marcin,,that was me.!!!

  • I dont suppose we can have another Bolton Hill Mara in maybe aug 2013?

  • Thanks to everyone involved, please don't forget to rate the event. Wona you can do it twice next year if you want to Saturday + Sunday? image

  • hillrunner, it was really you think it will happen next year? If so, book me in now for a numberimage

  • Could someone please give me the total number of starters and also the number of DNFs.

  • The event sold out, we had 153 started and 150 finishers image. Next year will be 8th/9th March and is not on Mothers Day! We have put it over 2 days to give everyone a go at running the marathon as we only can increase volume of runners to 300 and to give some runners the extra challenge of running 2 days due to the generous time limit.

  • do you think some people may take 2 days to run it? I know I probably would!image


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