salomon s-lab sense

has anyone tried these yet, looking for feedback they look interesting?


  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    I know a few people who have them. Apparently the sizing is a bit funny on them but if they fit you they are brilliant. Would love to try a pair but seem to be as rare as rocking horse shit over here!

  • I have a pair, had them for about 3-4 months. Fantastic shoe!! Fit is strange, my S-Lab 5, 5 Softground & Fellcross, I take 9.5. Sense is a 9, very snug in the width, (fat feet, need not apply for this shoe!) but plenty of room in toebox for decents. Because of the width, & with the short lacing limiting the openning, they can be a bit of a struggle to get on & off. Personnally, I had blister on outside of little toe at first - no socks, but once they were broken in, they are so comfortable (like a slipper).  I would definately try before you buy, or at least ensure you can return them. With only a 4mm drop they are definately suited towards forefoot runner, they are very flexible but have a forefoot plate for protection & I wouldn't want to use them if I were a heavyweight. Very responsive, brilliant grip on most terrain (rock, various grades of gravel, hard packed & grass), although i've not used when its been too muddy. Drain & dry quickly too.

    Would I buy another pair ... definately!! But, its not a shoe for everyone, guess Im lucky.

    Give James a call at Castleberg, he runs in them too, so his advice is well founded & helped me when I was looking to purchase.


  • thanks I did email castleberg with a few questions about them image I like my shoes loose so I'm not sure if I'd like them but that said I have skinny feet! and less than 50kg so shouldnt require too much cushioning!

    Do they have the same curved base under the insole that the fellcross have or are they a bit more anatomical?

  • I would say more anatomical, more of a racing last. The insole is a flat piece of thin 'felt' type material not the ortho insole. There is little build up around the instep, if thats what you are refering to. This is a minimalist shoe.

    Hope that helps

  • yes thanks I've had sore spots from built up insteps before so flat is definately preferable 

  • If its any help, Im sure I read that a new version of the sense was coming out probablt SS 2013. I think it will be a bit more substancial than the current Kilian version.

    If I find the info, i'll post the link 

  • Here you go, new for SS2013 - Sense & Sense Mantra:

    New Sense 2013

  • thanks that was interesting. I currently use the Brooks Pure Grit as my  light trail shoe and La Sportiva Crosslites for stickier stuff but the former don't have a rock plate so on long runs over stony ground the ground feel starts to get annoying! and I'm not convinced that the latter have enough cushioning for ultras so I am on the lookout for something in between!

  • If you havent already, you could do worse than take a look at the SLAB5 or 5 Softground, especially if you prefer your shoe on the loose side

  • I haven't run in anything with more than a 4mm differential for a few years now though so not sure if they'd work for me

  • Owned Slab1,2 & 3`s and while they were great along gentle forest fire roads the minute you tried tackling anything off-piste they became very unstable....

  • thanks for all your help, I've actually just ordered the new Merrell Mix master to try as they are much cheaper but will be keeping an eye on the S-lab sense for the future!

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