Oh I've had enough...

Hi guys,

Got a tibial stress fracture and I've been out of training since April, at first I think it was shin splints but I think it progressed to the stress fracture from then when I kept re-trying to run too soon. I had an MRI about 8 weeks ago and got the results back about 4 weeks ago, saying I had a possible mature stress fracture in my left tibia. My doctors won't give me any sort of grading, they just said 6 weeks non-weight bearing exercise. Well I'm 17, haven't been running or cycling for 4 weeks... and the pain is still here. It's so variable I can't describe. I had tenderness on my shin, but not in the place where the stress fracture was supposed to be. But this subsided and hasn't come back. The pain is just aching on my shins and sometimes below both knees. My physio isn't much help either. 

The pain isn't as bad as it was, but it's driving me mad. I'm not using painkillers as I've heard they slow healing, I was icing but heard that doesn't help either and I stopped. I want to avoid strengthening exercises too, even though I think I have shin splints too. It's just consistent now and I feel like nobody is helping.

Can anyone estimate how long until the pain stops and how long after that I can start running? I've been diagnosed with depression too due to this so could seriously appreciate a bit of advice.


  • Ugh, that sounds horrible.  I remember what it was like when I couldn't run for ages because of a knee problem.  Do you have the option of a second opinion as far as physio goes?  Really hope you get it sorted out soon!  

  • I'm also out with injury so far as running goes. I know what you mean about frustration, but you can't rush back or you just make it worse - I've done that often enough to know better now. What helps for me is that I have a variety of other sports that I can do, swimming and cycling mostly, so at least that way when I have an injury I can put more effort into the others. It may help you mentally to be doing something else even if it is not running.

    I also find that 'gentle' exercise speeds up recovery for most things as it gets the blood flowing/ tendons stretched etc, but don't over do it and listen to your doctors advice first. It sounds like you were told 'non weight bearing' rather than 'sit on your backside', so you are lucky in that respect.

  • Hi, I think thats sound advice by Rob_Cooper. I feel for you. Perhaps it may be an idea to get to a gym and do some weights, just to try and keep yourself going. Try a sauna and steam room, with a cold shower. I have found that when I'm fed up over anything, a good hot soak eases the stress at least for a little whiile, along with some company.

    RoadRunner76 is also sound advice. Espcially if your feeling the way you do with the physio.

  • I think a physio is like an acting/singing coach - you've got to get along with them and trust them - almost work as a team, otherwise it's best to look for someone else. image

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