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I used to go to gym, about 2 or 3 times a week but i had to stop using the treadmill as i got so bored i couldnt run longer than 10 minutes without stopping, but then when i started to run outside i was fine! Until my ankles gave way, from the crap trainers i had (totally my fault) So now im waiting for my proper running shoes to arrive.

Because my ankles were so bad, the doctors told me to not do ANY exercise for 2 to 3 weeks, plus waiting for my trainers, its almost been a month since i did a proper run and i feel horrible! I Lost half a stone before my holiday in the end of July beginning of August and i feel asthough i've put twice as much back on.

How many times a week and for how long is running good for actually loosing weight? I was hoping to lose a stone for Christmas.

Thanks! Sorry for all the questions but i know everyone on here knows what there talking more than just searching on the internet for answers.


  • From what I gather running. May not be the best sport for losing weight initially. I certainly lose more from cycling than I do running as I can cycle for longer and keep my heart rate withing target for longer. Your body takes energy from different sources based on effort; if I recall 60 - 70% of tour maximum heart rate is optimal for fat burning.

    Also in my opinion there are better measurements than weight; BMI for instance. An example is muscle is integral to losing weight as it burns calories. The more muscle, the more calories get eaten away (3500 calories = 1 lb of fat). The more muscle you have the heavier you'll be etc.

    Lots of variables as you can tell.

    To try and assist with your original question a minimum of 25 mins exercise 5 times a week mixed with a good diet should help. Running a marathon daily isn't going to help if you consume 10,000 calories a day.

    Hopefully I didn't waffle too much.
  • No sport is good for losing weight. It can only be done through calorie control.

    As for BMI, I get really fed up with people coming up with the redundant argument that they're muscular and therefore BMI is useless. It's a measure of health, if you're carrying 30 lbs extra weight (for example), be it fat or muscle, that's still 30 lbs extra strain on your heart that it has to deal with on a daily basis.

    And besides, most of the people who come up with "it's muscle" argument are most often simply fat! You see it every day.

  • 1 lb = 3,500 calories I ran 28km Sunday burnt less than 2,000 calories, great for shaping your body, but not for diet alone as others have said you need to control the calories as well.
  • Good advice above. Would suggest some swimming if possible - low impact, good for toning and will get some exercise in whilst you're building up to be able to run again.

  • Thanks everyone.

    I don't expect to lose weight purely by just running, i eat a balanced diet too. I had considered cycling but as i'm lvivng away for my last year in Uni, storing and karting the bike too and from home would be annoying!

    To be honest i don't weigh myself a lot, i only really use them as a guide, i'd like to lose about 10lbs but i do go off how i feel in myself, how i look and how well my clothes fit! Just wanted a guide line as to how to best get back in shape and hopefully loose some extra poundage.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Rach

    I too am trying to lose weight and running is really helping me.

    Since joining a gym last Oct 2011, and starting running in March 2012, I am now on my way to losing my 4th stone. I am now only a stone from my target and I feel so much better about myself these days.

    I go to the gym about 3 days per week and do either a 5K or a 10K run every other day depending how i feel. My times arent great but I dont care -I enjoy the freedom of being outdoors and knowing im getting fitter each run.

    Im 42. I started out a size 20 (im 5 11" and was 16 and a half stone). Im now a size 14 (nearly a 12!) and nearly 12 and a half stone. Not a skinny but I dont aim to be. I just want to feel better about myself and more healthy.


    Best of luck. Im sure youll enjoy it -as I say -best thing I ever did. Hope your new shoes are right for you -and also ensure you have a good bra! Seriously! image

  • ps -I should of course said I am also watching what I eat. Im not on " a diet" -I just am sensible -no stupid amounts of crap that I used to eat. theres nothing i dont eat -Im just much more aware of the amount of crap I used to eat.

  • I seem to vary between 15st8lb to 15st5lb. I seem to struggle to get lower, I enjoy a good few beers once a week. I think I will have to stop or cut back dramatically if I want to lower, without getting lower through jogging alone.

    Hope all is ok with you all generally.

  • mandy norris wrote (see)

    ps -I should of course said I am also watching what I eat. Im not on " a diet" -I just am sensible -no stupid amounts of crap that I used to eat. theres nothing i dont eat -Im just much more aware of the amount of crap I used to eat.

    Yep, that's pretty much where I'm at as well.  I used to have one chocolate bar a day (occasionally, more) but now I have about two or three a week.  The rest of the time, it's usually bananas. image  I've also cut takeaways to a maximum of two a month and usually get shish kebab (the diced chicken on skewers) instead of pizza from my local - they don't fry the meat there, they grill it. image  If someone offers me a slice or two of their lamb doner, I might accept it but I make a point of not buying that for myself.

    Yep, I used to be in a bad routine - skipping breakfast, having my main meal too late and then often eating something before going to bed as well.  I always have breakfast now, I try not to have my main meal later than 8pm (usually 7-7:30pm) and if I must have something before bedtime, then the left over salad from dinner, or some grapes will do the job. image  Plus, I've started going to bed earlier as well.

    I haven't got much fat to lose, so I know it's going to come off glacially slowly, but I still want it gone.image  It's time my outer image reflected my inner fitness level. image

    On the exercise front, I use Total Trainer (bodyweight resistance machine), and an exercise bike as well as running of course. image

  • Hi RoaadRunner76 that sounds like a lot to cut down on. But am impressed at the way your cutting out some sorts of food. I must admit, I can have fish and chips (small) sometimes two or more aa week. My local chip shop makes them that good. I enjoy a few beers once or more aweek. So I will be working on that to.

    Meal timess are all over the place for me, living alone has got me out of routines. But am impresssed with how discplined with yourself.

  • Hi

    As stated previously, you need to watch your diet as well as exercise. I am currently running about 40-50 miles per week, a lot of it is hilly terrain, but I am struggling to lose wirght and it fluctuates from the end of the week to the beginning. On a Friday afternoon, after I have been releatively good about my diet during the week, and done plenty of running, I could weigh about 13.5st. By the end of Sunday night, following plenty of beers, takeaways and snacking inbetween, my weight can be back up to 14st. This is a weekly cycle for me and I need to get out of the habbit of thinking "I've had a good week so I will treat myself on a Friday. I then feel guilty on Saturday and tell myself I will start all over again on Monday with my healthy eating etc". Considering the amount of miles I am clocking I should be losing the weight I want to so I definitely need to change my routine, habits and thought process. Saying that, I will however, stilll have just ONE evening of beers and 'not so heatlthy food' (kebabs are so great to be fair....). If i try and give up completely I doubt that I could do that and would probably give up totally. Losing weight is as much in the mind as the body for me.

  • Hi all,

    I've been a member of the gym for about 6 years, eat horrible food and drink way to much. But since i've stepped up my training in the last month I'm shedding pounds faster than I can count! I'm running about 20 miles a week and one week lost almost half a stone.

    It's all about the individual though isn't it, but I would definitely say I've never lost weight doing anything else.
  • I joined Slimming World in february this year and to date have lost nearly two stone. This is by eating healthily. I started walking about 12 weeks ago, it nearly killed me to start with but i stuck to it, managing a 5k walk in about 70 minutes. i've persevered, starting running and have now got my 5k time down to a little over 33mins.

    I haven't lost much weight since ive been running, maybe 5lb or so, but i can really feel the difference inside. my fitness is so much better and my body shape has changed tremendously.

    Although still only a novice, I really believe that exercise is for for your insides and fitness and healthy eating mainly helps to get to your ideal weight, the stricter you are about healthy eating the quicker you'll lose your excess chubbage.

  • Ok,my take on this subject is; Running helped and is helping me to lose weight.

    At the end of February, I weighed myself for the first time in years and I knew my fitness have lapsed since retiring from regularly playing football due to age/injury but when I saw 18.1 it spurred me to do something.

    I am Male,38 years old and 6 foot and a smidgeon tall

    I have since March 1st taken up running and I also track my calorie intake and keep it to around 2200-2500 daily.I have not cut out any foods as such as if I didnt enjoy what I eat I would be less inclined to keep it up. I began by run/walk/run/walk and gradually built up the running section(s) until it was just a run and have settled into a routine of 6.5 miles every other day.

    This week on weigh in,(personal records no slimming club etc) the scales didnt reach 13 and a half stone and so I have shed over 4 and a half stone in around 6 months. My own results are based on simple maths,I burn more calories than I consume and lose weight,and at a pretty decent rate I think without risking my health.I admit i had a base fitness as until 5-6 years ago i was regularly exercising and never a smoker,ate well etc but I would say that any form of regular exercise has to form part of a sensible weight loss program and the social and (possible!) low cost aspects of running make it ideal!

  • Hi (first post!)

    We need to remember that while you can cut out all the bad food, go on a calorie restricted diet an then exercise like a demon that it is possible to have too few calories. 

    If your body isnt getting enough food it will go into starvation mode, holding onto all that lovely fat and weight you want to get rid of and use for energy.

    Try a calculator such as this one (http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/) to find how many calories you should be looking to consume. I had plateaud my weight loss while eating about 1200 calories and since I started eating 2000 I have actually lost weight again!

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