Disappointing time at Stockbridge

Having had a couple of days to think about it I'm still feeling really dissapointed about my time for the Stockbridge 10k last weekend (1hr 2mins, 4 mins outside my PB).

I know the weather wasn't helpful and the hill was tiring, but feeling really down about it. Anyone else feeling bad (would make me feel better to know others felt the same).


  • Good days, bad days Nelly.

    I ran on Sunday and thought about doing the Stockbridge but ran Great Wishford instead as it seemed quite pricey. Like yourself I thought I should have gone quicker so lets blame the weather image

  • It was a HOT weekend. I did a 10 mile race on Sunday and went through a bad patch early on and decided any time was to go right out of the window. I wouldn't feel bad about any time last weekend, just call it warm weather training for the next one!

  • The Test Way relay was on Saturday (not too far from there). And over both days it was very warm/hot. One of the runners in the relay had heat exhaustion at the end - at least what I heard from others. So going by that, no it was certainly not the best conditions to get a PB at all.

  • Work out what went wrong or contributed to what you see as poor performance, plan how to avoid it happening again, then suck it up and move on.

  • Cheers all, yeap put it down to the weather and move on GSR in 6 weeks.

  • I ran it too - it was definitely hot - not a day for a PB and I was a long way off mine - but I enjoyed the run nonetheless - well organised I thought and some great Hampshire countryside to run through.

    Good luck in the GSR

  • Hi Nelly, I did Stockbridge too and was really disappointed with my time. I did 58 mins and my previous PB has been 55! i wonder if it was the hot weather plus there is always the possibility that it was a ittle over 10k?? who knows, ! I'm also doing the GSR, atr least it will be cooler and flatter!

  • As someone said earlier I think we should all just put in down to the weather and move on as you say at least the GSR will be flat & cool

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