1st 10k done should I attempt 1/2 in 6 weeks

I have been running 20-25k each week since June, just had my first 10K on Sunday and finished 00:59:59 how close to under an hour was that! I would really like to run my local 1/2 in Leicester in only 6 weeks time, is this achievable?


  • How far have you gone in your long slow runs? Any distance over 10km?
  • I would say yes, if you increase your mileage by no more than one mile per week and concentrate on distance, not speed. It probably won't be the fastest time on the planet but if you're happy just to plod round and enjoy it I don't see why not.

    I did that - from 10k (and then not running more than 2 miles for three weeks) to a half with less than seven weeks notice. I got round without walking which was my goal.

    Congratulations on your 10k time by the way!

  • If you've got up to 8-9 miles in a long run or can get to that , then yes.

    Might not be pleasant, but you should do it.

    How does your 20-25k breakdown each week? 5/10/15k or smaller than that.
  • Thanks for the advice guys my current Breakdown is 5,8,10 km a week? I haven't run greater than 10k but feel I could comfortable manage 13k and start building from there over the next 6 weeks.
  • When you've finished hang around, for quite a while and cheer me over the line image
  • Are you running the Leicester 1/2 yourself book trunk?
  • The full, i'm slow i'll be one of those right at the back. image


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