Holey socks Batman!

This is probably one of those man/woman things, but why is it that men seem to wear holes into their socks (and refuse to throw them away) whilst women don't seem to have the same problem? 

I wear socks pretty much every day, but only one pair has a hole and it's a teeny tiny one. 

Not important at all, just wondering image




  • You just have dainty soft feet Sarah. I wear my socks out all the time. D doesn't like me walking around in barefeet as he thinks I'll wear the floor out. That goes for the concrete outside as well.

  • The wife throws my socks out that have holes in, i have asked nicely if she would sew them up but have yet to win that war! 

    To add to the discussion, what about pant that have lost the elastic round the waist?  Are they doomed as well?

  • Wife throws out my socks if there is a hole in them, tried to get her to sew them up but so far failed.  Still trying!

    Does the same misfortune apply to pants that have lost the elastic round the waist?

  • Hands Cheshercat a needle and thread to sew his socks up....

  • Saggy pants are definitely bin-ready image

  • I have holey socks and pants with failing/falling out elastic.... what does this make me? image

  • In need of new socks and pants?

  • if socks are allowed to be sewn up does that apply to pants?  

    I'll have you know i can sew a button on a shirt.... once.

  • I am currently shopping for socks. It's not that easy you know.

  • i always throw out socks with holes.

    mainly because i wear sandals most of the time so the holes would be clearly visible.  

  • I'll stick my hands up as a holey sock wearer though I'm quite selective about when I wear them...never anywhere where shoes might come off, freinds houses, shoe shops etc. The way i see it, they're good until the toe pokes through!! image

  • Is it because us chaps have only two pairs of socks and you ladies have around 2 million pairs??

  • image Think I've been busted? Not all my socks have holes in them. Them ones you got me last month look almost clean and stuff. image

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