The Stillman Formula for optimal running weight



  •  Who said I was interested in a woman? image

    I'm happy how I am and contrary to the latter, never get colds and flu, days off work, depression, or anything like that. People do say I don't stop moving, and am much fitter than 90% of the uk Populice. (seen a fat man, so large walking through town, he was sweating just doing a limp-walk). No way, I would every get to that stage. Apart from me being rake thin, I don't feel any ills, and have my top off most warm days and running.



  • I think these suggested weights are ridiculous.  I am a long distance runner, albeit not an elite by any stretch of the imagination.  The calculator reckons I should be 8 stone 2.8 lbs at my height.  I am 5'7", weigh 9 stone 5 and would look ill if I went below 9 stone.

  • Killermiles - try not to consider extremes all the time. There is a wide spectrum between stick thin, and obese.

    I really think you need to accept that you screwed up with your understanding of the Stillman formula. You were 10st4 and took 20 % off. That has got nothing to do with Stillman. If you believe in this formula, then its time to get some weight back on
  • Since you (killermiles) proudly run with no shirt, I think you should post a picture of your torso on here (i'm not gay! lol), I for one, am really curious what an 8st 4lb 6' 3" male looks like?!?!?

    It will also dispell those who think you're a troll, and if indeed you look healthy, those who think your weight is too low. 

  • At 5' 11" and 10st 2lb I don't think I have too much to worry about weight wise. But this formula says I can lose more? It has got to be wrong. But; I know this is about cycling but read this if you want to lose weight! This profesional cyclist is the same height as me but would make me look fat! btw Also-ran: my wife says I am too thin and I am not getting any either! Is there a pattern forming here?

  • SideBurn wrote (see)

     Is there a pattern forming here?

    i think so.

    i'm about 8st heavier than killermiles and I am getting plenty thanks. image

    (not from your wife I hasten to add)

    i am rubbish at running though.

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    Emmy_bug wrote (see)

    On another note - has anyone found scientific proof that this method is an acceptable and agreed method of competing?

    Nope. I've looked and can find no evidence to support the claims that Stillman makes, nor any rationale for his formula. 

    I've had a patient who was a similar stature to the OP. He too was HIV positive and terminally ill image

    There's really no two ways about it - having such low body mass is unhealthy. You may feel well, be able to function, but your body is under physiological stress and even minor illness can become serious. 

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    kittenkat wrote (see)

    I just Googled 6ft4 8stone male and depressingly got a blog post from a guy sadly dying of HIV and a link to a NHS video about anorexia.


    I saw something similar on google when I googled about scientific proof for Stillman. I can understand that being 'lean' is good for being a runner but it needs to be healthy. In my opinion (for a lady): Chrissi Wellington or Jess Ennis are fantastic sizes and the right weight for their height/sport and look where they are in their sporting world!

    @Killermiles - have you physically met anyone who agrees to Stillman's methods. What does your doctor/medical advisor say?

  • Emmy_bug wrote (see)


    @Killermiles - have you physically met anyone who agrees to Stillman's methods. What does your doctor/medical advisor say?

    But this thread is not about whether using the Stillman method will produce better running. This thread is about someone who runs in order to have a pretext to reduce weight.

  • My god, I'm grossly obese!!!

  • so am i.

    and that's on the BMI scale, not the Stillman method!

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    killermiles wrote (see)

    I came across The stillman formula a while back, which I decided to follow. Did a check and found my normal ideal weight should be 148 Lbs. As I run long distance, should be aiming at 20% below normal range. So my normal weight is 10 St 8lbs, minus 20%. Giving a running weight for my 6ft 3 inch frame is 8 stone, 4 lbs.

    This is what I've acheived, and it does work, finding running conistant and quick recovery.

    Anybody aiming for this formula? Google search and explains all. 


    @Bos1 - In the OP, he says that by using Stillman he's improved his running. I wanted to know if he's found anyone that does agree with him

  • @emmy_bug

    when the OP says "this is what I've achieved" that can be read as an achievement in reducing weight.
    The OP has not produced anything other than assertion to show that "he's improved his running". Improvement in race results is a very easy way to demonstrate improvement in running. OP has said almost nothing about race results in this or the other thread that was linked.
    In fact there were some unexplained inconsistencies when he actualy posted some running stats.

    OP has not produced race stats. OP has posted weight.
    What do you think he is focussed on?


  • And he's yet to acknowledge that his maths is completely screwed up anyway, so even by the Stillman formula he is grossly underweight.

  • I like this Stillman formula - even as a long distance runner I need to gain nearly half a stone. Pass me the pasta!

  • According to the Stillman formula, I can give you that half stone, Gul.  However, my fondness for pasta and cakes means that is unlikely.  A BMI of 19 is just fine, thanks.

  • At 1.85m Stillman reckons I should be racing (long distance) at a smidge under 70kg.  I got close to this last year (71-ish) and raced well, but people were enquiring after my general health and whether I was eating enough.

  • When I look at the Stillman formula  I think that possibly there is an elite endurance runner inside me.

    But that's only because I was very hungry at lunchtime today. So I didnt notice the elite hiding under the lettuce.

  • This whole Killermiles profile is becoming past a joke now.

    At 8stone 4 at 6ft 3, you aren't going to be running 100s of miles, you'll mostly likely be slumped in a chair with no energy or strength to do anything.

    Every post is weight related, no carbs or meat are taken on board, there's no evidence of any race results acheived.

    Come on folks, it's even clear from his name that it's a wind up.

    I mean, Killer miles! At 8 stone 4 they certainly would be!


  • Agree with Stevie G on this. The OP is capable of running a sub 1:20 HM and eats no meat or carbs, is 6 ft 3 and 8 st 4? Total and utter bollocks! My Nan would have more energy
  • OP might feel healthy but if he does succumb to any illness then he will have no reserves at all.

  • This is clearly a silly formula for most people- I am 5'7" and if I weighed 8st2 (as suggested for a long-distance runner) I would look emaciated!

  • The Stillman BM calculator sets the overweight/obese limits quite a bit lower than the accepted norm.


    As requested: my body, now.

  • Killer miles, I admire the 10000m time you say you achieved but your half marathon time just doesn't add up.

    More importantly I think you need to get help to be honest because you seem in denial about having an eating disorder. Seriously, get help before you get health problems.
  • Killermiles: I believe you are on a wind up. However, on the tiny chance that you are not, I can only reiterate what everyone else has said. You are dangerously underweight and need to get help, now.

  • Agree, total wind up. That's either not him or that's him and he's not running the times / distances he says he is.
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