The Stillman Formula for optimal running weight



  • Please don't feed the troll.

  • The irony wasn't lost on me. But he is clearly a attention-seeker who is either in need of professional help or just a wind-up merchant, ie a troll.

  • That isn't what I meant.

  • nor is it what you said. image

    That aside, for some one to reach the targets set by Stillman seems borderline to me. To starve yourself beyond that is illness.

    I have never considered myself overweight but by Stillman I am normal. That I find striking as I am forever being harangued about my weight as it is. I don't think that I would ever want to be the weight that Stillman suggests that I should be. It's a stone lighter than I am.

    I do find that I am larger than many female runners I mix with. That hasn't made me any slower than them.

  • As was said on the previous thread linked to by phil pub, if the OP is genuine (???) he clearly wants people to comment about how shocked they are by his weight. I would however recommend Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. Great book.

  • I couldn't find how to see the other pics....but that one picture now I've seen it is pure emaciation.

    Your whole ribcage isn't meant to be on display jutting out like that

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Doing a bit of googling - it looks like the same user has also been a variety of other forums looking for advice about reducing in weight

  • Stevie G, open the image up and change the numbers against the images in your browser, from 5 to 4 etc
  • The Stillman calculator I tried doesn't give 8 st 4 as the ideally weight for 6' 3, more like 11 st 10

  • "Thus, a man 6 feet tall (1.829 m) would be allocated 110 lbs (50 kg) plus 12 x 5lbs (2.495 kg), which comes to 176 lbs or 12 st. 8 lbs (80 kg)."

    -20% = (64kg) 141 lbs or a tad over 10 stone.

    a man 6'3" : (110lbs + (15*5½ ) = 192.5) - 20% =  154lbs or 11 stone

    That number is at the heavy end of the range.

  • daveymac1973 wrote (see)
    Stevie G, open the image up and change the numbers against the images in your browser, from 5 to 4 etc

    Ah...but i wish i hadn't looked now.

    2 immediate thoughts...pic1 ...classic premature aging, a well known symptom....and as for the other pics...well, i don't think it's helpful to spell out what they remind me of from history class image

  • When i was writing essays on my english degree course back in the day,  I'd write properly, but on a running forum.......I think I'll write how I like thanks

    ps Seren, I wouldn't post for a bit if I were you image

  • We need seren's input about writing with ...... ellipses ....

  • This guy is obviously seriously ill and I do wonder if, as kittenkat says, seeking some validation through us all telling him how thin he is.  Killermiles, get to a doctor mate

  • He's quite clearly not listening to us, but also he's not getting any validation from me, you or anyone else, so why doesn't he sod off? Does he get some kind of a kick from broadcasting the fact he's a skeleton with skin on all over the internet? 

  • Thing is with Anorexics, cos that's what he is to put it bluntly, they do not listen to anyone. So no matter what anyone on here says he isn't going to take a blind bit of notice. He's ill and needs help before he kills himself.
  • Hes on other forums advising a 17 year old that they may need to lose weight -

    Beggars belief really!

  • RedRoadRunner wrote (see)

    Hes on other forums advising a 17 year old that they may need to lose weight -

    Beggars belief really!

    OK, he's been killing himself for years, but surely this is akin to suicide bombing, trying to convert other people to his loony ideas. Out of order, IMHO.  

  • Thought long and hard before responding to this - so please forgive me if I go on but it will make sense (sort of!).

    Killermiles - if this photo is of you then you need to get help fast. You may not believe or want to believe it but you are not a healthy weight. Despite the fact that you say you recover well etc your weight is well below what it should be and when your body stops being able to use fat it uses up muscles from anywhere it can get it - limbs or  heart it's not fussy. That means, combined with possible low potassium and/or low calcium levels (which you may not notice physically), you are at risk of a heart attack from which no-one will be able to save you. I feel it is probable that you have some form of ED or OCD but whatever you have help is needed, same as everyone else says. You simply cannot keep going as you are - you are not invincible.

    Anorexics do listen (RRR please believe this) but ED's are the most difficult of all the mental health illnesses and the one with the highest rate of death due to suicide or other reasons. Getting over an ED has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my 50 years to date, and I'm only partially recovered after 7 years.

    I also feel that this post should be removed - how can a running thread be on show when it is 'encouraging' possibly new runners or runners with ED's to lose weight to a dangerously low BMI - RW has some responsibility here I think.

    As someone who is partially recovered from anorexia it is a difficult thread to ignore - my weight is lower than it should be (partial recovery only I admit), but I also do eat to run and have managed to maintain my weight since I have started runnning. My non anorexic brain knows that this thread is rubbish and that I should not be the weight I am and run long distances etc. but there may be many other ED sufferer's who read into it what they want - but through no fault of their own. As a mature person (in years only image), I can perhaps make more sense of it than younger sufferers.

    I have always found the threads to be useful; informative and funny (sometimes), Emmy bug thanks for GSR last year - fab thread! Then I read this one...........image

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    Jelleybaby, I haven't read your full post yet, but there's some good stuff in there and I will read in full.

    I disagree that this thread should be deleted, I think that this stuff should be discussed not censored.

    No-one on this thread has been encouraging possible runners with EDs to lose weight, except maybe the OP, but everyone has figured that if those photos are him, he's not well.

    I would guess that a thread like this could be quite distressing for some people. Get rid of a thread like this is not necessarily censorship.

    Not everything should be discussed on a forum. Not everyone who can post is capable of a worthwhile discussion  - OP would be one obvious example.

  • I'm pretty sure if RW actually bothered to monitor, or even listen to reporting of threads anymore (both Dominique and Alice are gone aren't they), the pics of KM and the thread would be long gone.

    Although not one post has supported KM, and his approach, it's clearly not put him off, so there's no reason it'll put any other vulnerable people in the same boat's worrying they might even hold him up as an icon of weight loss.

    The KM posts 2-3 years ago were quite worrying, the posts this time round are borderline critical i think.....

  • RedRoadRunner wrote (see)

    Hes on other forums advising a 17 year old that they may need to lose weight -

    Beggars belief really!

    cripes some of his posts on there are worrying. Talking about running for hours in the morning, then running until 10pm, fuelling off berries water and sleep!

    Talk of doing 50miles in a go over this weekend. The responses on there are similar to on here, but whereas every post on here is weight related, he's bit more subtle over there, so they may well not have picked up on it as the problem it is.

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