The Stillman Formula for optimal running weight



  • I've not been posting for a while, due to training and working away. Been reading all my missed posts and it looks like people don't like fat and being underweight is all bad, when it isn't.

    I can still do things I did when I was heavier, maybe more, although strength is not as much, and I'm not built for it, anyway.
    A neighbour from across the road commented I've lost alot of weight, although, John, her son is was only 10st 8 and started comming running with me a few months ago.. He didn't want to lose weight, as he's quite thin already, but not as tall as me. However, he's lost about 1/2 a stone, and has given up smoking. As he's lost weight, he wants to lose more and now realized why I run and keep thin.

    I'm pretty fit, able to run, swim, bike etc, and do it without too much stress, even though I look skinny, as long as I'm fit, then what's wrong with that?

  • I'm rather worried that you're now getting this other guy into your dangerous obsession with being ridiculously underweight.

  • Somewhere, there's a dog who was enjoying his sleep and is thoroughly resenting not being allowed to let lie!

  • Killermiles, you're not skinny. You're way beyond that. I'd suggest that you're one slight illness away from an all out collapse.

  • Stumbled across this thread which has made some very interesting reading - it also got me searching through my records. I'm 6'3 and back in the day a reasonably good athlete - 67 min half marathon. My optimal weight at the time was around 10st 4 and I was considered very skinny back then - unfortunately age and the beers have not been too kind since then.

    Killermiles you need to seriously rethink your strategy on what an optimal weight is and as most on this thread have said - GO SEE A DOCTOR

  • I am still curious KM; are you losing weight to run or are you running to lose weight?

  • Both. Lost weight to run, but running to lose weight. However, I don't want to lose anymore, being I'm fit at my current weight, and probably losing more would be detrimental for my health and well-being. Probably put a little on over winter, get some strength training and concentrate on core strength.

  • Would you say that your times/performance have/has improved in a way that corresponds to the weight loss? Have you got significantly quicker?

  • Using the 'Average Runners Formula for optimal runnin weight' I need to grow taller by an additioanl 4ft 3" for the weight I currently am....

    @Killermiles - Whats up with you man ? All these experienced runners on here are telling you you are way too light for your height. Why dont you listen to them; 100s of people cant all be wrong can they ? Have you actually been to see a doctor ? You seem very reluctant to listen to people, why is that ? What are you afraid of ? 

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