Free place in the UFD Hackney Half Marathon

Next Sunday 23rd September, 11am I can't make this anymore as I have to work that weekend. If anyone wants it, send me a message and I'll send you the details and race number.


  • Hi Ivy, I'm interested to run this for you. my email is:, if ou still have it.  

  • I've emailed you!

  • I have another free place for this as I just realised I will not be able to make it. Drop me a note if you are interested and I will send over the race number and details.


  • Hi Alexie - is this still avaliable? if so i would be interested - my email is:



  • Hi Sarah Lee,

    Thanks for expressing interest. I am afraid the place has been taken up.

    I think you should stil be able to sign up on the day itself. Enjoy the run!



  • ok, cheers Alexie

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