Coventry 10K


Wondering if anyone has done the Coventry 10k before - if so how many loops around of the park is the route?




  • I've done a couple in the War Memorial Park, Coventry. Both did multiple laps, basically round the perimeter. It's a fairly flat course and quite quick as long as they don't take you off the paths. I did one in March 2012 organised by Help The Aged which was really good. The other in November 2011 which was a bit dodgy.


  • Is anyone doing this race in November ?? I'm very new to running and am tryingh to find out if this would be a good venue for my first 10k ???
  • Ive just been down to the war memorial park and run the same route as the weekly 5k park run, but ran it twice (4 times through the park)

    timed myself and achieved a time of 49:22 for a 10k run, is this a good time or is this a slow pace ???

  • that is a very good time for a first 10k !!!!!

  • Yeah thanks Peter, I have been talking to a few people today etc and most (not all) have said it is a fairly good time. I have visions (nightmares) that im gonna turn up for the race and end up coming in

    I have now registered to run the Coventry memorial 10k run on November 18th so Im going to get as many training sessions in as possible so I can improve on todays time.

  • I think I was maybe too eager to register for this after seeing some of the comments on other websites about last year -also the link to the event website is worrying as it doesn't even mention a run in Coventry. Can any one connected with the event comment?
  • it'll be 2, 2 1/2 or 3 laps of the outer perimmeter paths - the amount of laps would depend on the route thats picked for the distance

    quite safe and a good event

  • I have also registered and emailed the organisers and got a reply back. The event seems just fine and I regulary run in the coventry war memorial park on a Sunday. Its fine, lots of dog walkers etc and people enjoying themselves but just got to navigate through.
  • Thanks Craig - it will be nice to run somewhere different .
  • Where are you from then Tiern09 ? Where do you usually run ?

    The memorial park in Coventry is a nice place, clean with good facilities. Great parking with plenty of spaces.
  • I'm near Lutterworth - so no big parks very close, but I try to run at least once a month somewhere else in a event to keep me motivated image
  • Oh and don't worry about being last - I've been running for 18 months now but I'm a lazy girlie and run 10k about 70 mins lol - I prefer longer distance cause a speed queen I m not image
  • It's a very scenic run, completely off road and with good facilities. There were a few problems with the finish last year, which was on one of the main paths through the park and not well marked. You had to fight your way through grannies/dogs/pushchairs in the last 100m. Hopefully the organisers will have taken feedback about this on board.

  • Yeah I've not been running too much but I'm starting to look at other places and events to do in the future.

    I am now registered for the Silvverstone Addidas half marathon in March, and this is a sign of my madness as I am a fairly new runner I am looking at the possibility of entering the cotswold 100 mile challenge for August 2013. Too much too fast ??

    Anyway let's get this 10k run out the way 1st and go from there. image
  • Good luck Craig - see you there
  • Thank you very much image

    And yes see you there, let's hope we both have a good run that day.
  • does anyone know if they use chip timing for this event? Thanks

  • not sure tbh but if I was to take a guess I would say yes.
  • It wasn't chip timed last year.


  • I've just been informed that the run will NOT be chip timed....
  • Ok, cheers for the reply.

  • Anybody any idea of logistics?
    10.30am start per RW, but 10am on MCC Promo website?
    Numbers being sent out?
    Where exactly in WMP does it start? Big park.

  • Huge park... not sure of start myself as I've nevr done this race but the parkrun starts at the pavillion near the bowls courts/ toilets... I'm awaiting final email confirmations of start time etc... hopefully come soon without me chasing them up..
  • This is from MCC Promo's twitter feed posted yesterday: "Hello ALL runners the Coventry race on the 18/11/12 starts at 10:30am pls b there at 9:30-10:00am to reg and get numbers". The map of the course I cannot open in a full screen view from there web page but it looks llike it starts near the new visitor centre by the main car park.

  • Inthezone. Thanks for the info, if I hear anymore I will also post
  • Appreciated, thank you, and see you there.

  • I have a number to call for further info

  • Thanks for registering for the run, we hope that you all have been training religiously for it! No but seriously it is called a fun run for a reason we have all abilities running the race and everyone gets a medal and T-shirt. Also the top 3 male and female winners will get trophies to show off with! Register between 09:30 and 10.00am, to collect numbers at  the Football Pavilon, Coventry War Memorial Park, Kenilworth Road,Coventry, CV3  6PT,   The route is 1090 metres plus 3 laps.   The nominated charity is British red Cross.   For further information call Mark Caswell 0797 783 1519.  

    Race Route

  • Are entries still available on the day?

  • Being a Coventry local, I regularly do a saturday park run followed by 4-5 laps around the park and noticed this event, overhearing a conversation on the startline.

    Looking online, entry on the day was possible so opted to give it a go instead of a solo long run.

    It is another shambles, I'm afraid. Just a bloke on the make by holding a minimum organisaton race with a few volunteers to make a few quid.  The memorial park is always busy on the weekend and without any notice, people had no idea what was going on. Running on the grass when frosty and thawing is dangerous, as is the number of lapped runners who are wearing ipods that can't hear any requests to move right or left.  The course distance, again was not right, being 400m too far this time. Too many loose dogs, kids on bikes and angry pedestrians who had a lot of beef with the marshals.

    Its a challenging course in a great park but done on bare minimum organisation. No entry forms, just give your name and a tenner, thats it.   You are better off going to the park an hour earlier and running 3 laps on your own.

    I really do hope that there is a good donation to the red cross, if so then it was worthwhile.

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