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  • Hi, I would just like to say that I also attened the coventry memorial park run on Saturdays that I can get there. This was my very 1st 10k race and I throughally enjoyed it. Yes it is a busy park and yes they was loads of dog walkers/cyclists etc but all in all I think is was a good event for the price paid. Maybe my thoughts on the event may differ slightly from the 1 above as it was my 1st event but I can honestly say I never heard anyone complaining either runners or other park users. I will definatly do this event again. I will also be down the memorial park next Sunday for the Myton hospice santa run... Good job image
  • Sorry, Craig.

    Its a little harsh.  It was a fun run and was that.  But a lot of people on narrow paths is a recipe for trouble.

    There needs to be a few signs up saying its on and runners need to be more respinsible and not wear headphones so they can hear dogs, bikes, other runners etc.  Good run for the money, assuming it does support the quoted charity.

  • Hd - I agree with you that the event was poorly run and right from the off there seemed to be an air of not knowing what was going on by the Marshalls. Not the best organised 10K event I have done this year and guess there will be complaints made from other park users about this event which I hope does not get mistaken with Parkrun which is far better run than this event today.

    Did you clock it at 400m too long? My Garmin had it at 120m too long.


  • HD no need to say sorry, its your opinion and a completly valid one. The conditions wernt ideal, all I was just trying to say is that it wernt all that bad...

    Maybe sticking to the larger paths in the park would have been a little better although thinking about it proberly too repetative (double parkrun)

    I will proberly see exactly what you mean even more so once ive done a few more events mate that are organised differntly...

    Maybe see you around this Saturday at the parkrun if your there image


  • wasn't this event clocked too short last year ?

    Has anyone had much experience running events organised by MCC ? if so are all their events organised "badly" ?

  • Craig - if you want to try a well organised event - some to look forward to next year would be Northbrook 10K & Stratford Big 10K (or anything organised by Threshold Events or any of the Coventry based Athletics Clubs) these were very well organised and run this year and I will be taking part again next year. I have to say this event caught me off guard as I expected something better for an organised event.

  • Thanks Gary I am looking at doing a lot of local evets but wernt too sure which 1s to go for... do you know of any decent 1s that are taking place in December ?

    I will check out the local club events...
  • Coventry New Year 5 Mile Run Organised by Godiva Harriers on 30th December is the only local one I am aware of unless you are prepared to travel further afield. image

  • I ran in this event today. Agree with comments on not enough signs for other park users, and not enough marshalls. I also clocked it at 120m longer which I thought was reasonable not sure if 400m was a glitch HD.

    My biggest gripe was the park is too small to contain a 10k race. 3.5 laps was really repetetive. It is lovely park though and will definetly drop in to the parkrun as it looks perfect for a 5k course. Would not diss the event to much though.

  • My main gripe was paying ??12 online entry, when I could have paid a tenner on the line. My second gripe was my details weren't even on the start list, deapite registering through MCC.

    Besides that, I quite enjoyed the route, despite my Garmin recording a 6.3mile course. Runners wearing ipods at races really irks me, but I can't blame the organisers for that. Likewise we can't blame them for the number of pedestrians in a public park...if it wasn't such a nice morning it would've been desserted.
  • I ran this race last year. The feedback was exactly the same. It's a shame the organisers haven't taken any notice.

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