Need some advice.

Hi guys, i've been running for the past month and a half for the first time in my life.

Im 6.1" weigh about 185 pounds (13 stone), ive been running every single day and i have started to get realy bad pains in my knees right at the top on the muscle above the knee cap, i dont know why? maybe i have the wrong technique, maybe im running to much? or maybe shoes? can someone help or give me some advice please its realy annoying it forces me to finish my runs early.


  • No personal experience of knee pain but I don't think running every day is great to start off with.

    Cut back to every other day or take a couple of days off and see if you symptoms improve.

    Or better still consult your gp
  • And the doctor will say stop running every day
  • Try taking at least two days off, if not more.  Maybe run every other day and give your legs a rest.  You need to give them time to rest / recover and build up if starting from scratch.  I did in May and early on running more then 3 days a week was causing a lot more aggravation.  Just try cutting down short term then slowly building up but probably only to 5 days a week. 

    You haven't said how far your running, it might be relevent.

  • Are you over-striding? Sometimes if you try to build up your speed you end up taking steps that are too long and this can lead to painful knees. Try taking shorter steps - it is difficult to start with but it might help.

    And I also agree with the other posters, try to take some rest days as these are just as important as your running days.

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