My Asics plan versus a bit of common

Having garnered a wealth of knowledge from these excellent forums I have a carcass of a problem which I need help stripping bare.

I am 40, male, 13 1/2 stone and am training for the Norwich half in November. I have run this several times before most recently last year in just over 1 hour 34. My aim is to try to get it down to 1:31 or below. I have been running around 25-30 miles regularly for around 3 months at an easy ( 8.30 - 9.00 mm pace) and have started the my asics plan below. My instinct however is that the fast runs are too quick too soon and that running 11 miles 3 weeks in a row at 6.55mm pace is a recipe for injury. I am in two minds as to whether to continue this plan - as illustrated by the fact that instead of doing 5.5 miles fast yesterday i did a 10k tempo 1 mile easy 4 miles at 7mm pace and 1.21 miles cooldown. What do others feel about the pacing of this plan? Would i be better with lots of easy pace mileage including an lsr that goes up to around 15 miles then tapers down just before the race coupled with a weekly tempo increasing in mileage every couple of weeks? Or does this repeated 11 mile run at quick pace make sense? Humble thanks for all views/ carcass stripping.

3mi Jog 9:25 min/mile   11 5.5mi Fast 7:15–6:55   12 Rest   13 3mi Jog 9:25 min/mile   14 Rest   15 5.5mi Fast 7:13–6:54   16 Rest   17 3mi Jog 9:23 min/mile   18 5.5mi Fast 7:13–6:54   19 Rest   20 5.5mi Fast 7:13–6:52   21 Rest   22 11mi Comfortable 8:30–7:37   23 Rest   24 3mi Jog 9:22 min/mile   25 5.5mi Fast 7:11–6:52   26 Rest   27 5.5mi Fast 7:11–6:52   28 Rest   29 11mi Comfortable 8:27–7:35   30 September 2012 Rest 

October 2012 Running with My ASICS MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday 1 October 2012 3mi Jog 9:20 min/mile   2 5.5mi Fast 7:10–6:50   3 Rest   4 5.5mi Fast 7:10–6:50   5 Rest   6 11mi Comfortable 8:25–7:32   7 Rest  Going Further  

During this phase you will continue the high pace training done in the last phase but you'll extend the distance the pace must be maintained for. This phase will help to build your leg strength and stamina.

8 Rest   9 3mi Jog 9:18 min/mile   10 8.5mi Build-up 7:32–6:49   11 Rest   12 3mi Jog 9:17 min/mile   13 8.5mi Build-up 7:31–6:49   14 Rest   15 Rest   16 3mi Jog 9:17 min/mile   17 8.5mi Fast 7:18–7:06   18 Rest   19 3mi Jog 9:15 min/mile   20 8.5mi Fast 7:18–7:05   21 Rest  Race simulation  

This phase has practical training for the race. You should try to complete the fast paced sessions wearing the gear you intend to use on race day. This phase will prepare specifically for the physical and mental demands of race day.

22 Rest   23 3mi Jog 9:14 min/mile   24 8.5mi Fast 7:16–7:05   25 Rest   26 3mi Jog 9:14 min/mile   27 11mi Pace 6:55 min/mile   28 Rest   29 Rest   30 3mi Jog 9:12 min/mile   31 October 2012 8.5mi Fast 7:15–7:03   1 November 2012 Rest   2 3mi Jog 9:12 min/m


  • Sorry for the ungainly appearance but the 11 mile run appears at 27th October, 3rd and 10th November on the schedule. All at 6.55 pace.

  • 11 miles at race pace. Mad.
  • Where have you got the pacing from?
  • Sorry, *does not compute*...  what target did you put in to get these figures? 1:31 HM is 6:57/m, so they want you to be able to run 11 miles at target pace??


  • Oh dear, they're serious. I just told them I can run a HM in 1:13 but I'd like to run1:12.  They want me to run 12.5 miles on consecutive Sundays, 2 and 3 weeks out from the race, @ 5:36 a mile.  image

    Here's my favourite bit though - I'm being given the option of basing my training plan on either 2,3 or 4 days per week.  Genius!  image

    Asics Ashit training plan

  • Weekender - scrap that plan altogether, it really is absolute codswallop.  You're definitely along the right lines with lots of easy miles, going over race distance and running a few tempo runs.  Practising race pace is a good idea, especially getting closer to race day, but if your target is a realistic one there is no way in the world you can knock out race pace and virtually race distance in the middle of training.  Best to keep this sort of thing to a weekly tempo run, maybe build from 4 miles to 6/7 over a few weeks. 

  • And if I tell it I want to run a marathon in 2.55 it tells me to do 22 miles at 6.50m/m.  And to peak at all of 35mpw.  Very Furman.

  • What is the point of the "3 mile jog at 9:17 mpm"?

  • I am grateful to all. I'll consign that plan to the bin marked "wtf" and carry on with the more logical training runs.

  • I am also a bit cynical, and have logged my target for London marathon for a sub 3. The suggested plan is certainly different! Still using it to log my runs as it is good planner
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