Bone Marrow Edema etc

I am a 36-year old female who previously ran about 30km per week. I have recently had an MRI scan on my right knee. It was suspected that I had torn a previously-reconstructed ACL (operation was 18 years ago). However, this was intact and the MRI showed focal cartilage erosion along the weight bearing surface of the medial femoral condyle with underlying marrow oedema.

My consultant prescribed a course of Calcium and Vitamin D supplements in addition to some medication intended for Osteoporosis. He said that I should not run for 6 months but that I can do cycling, swimming, cross-trainer, rowing.

I am seeking your views on this advice. I would not want to continue doing too much exercise (as I try to do something 5 days a week) if I shouldn't. At the same time, I am keen to keep my cardio activity going as much as possible.


  • mmm I suffered from something similarly described after the Paris Marathon in the same place but my specialist described the oedema as an entity known as an osteonecrosis and was advised to rest for 4 months.

    I've just run for the first time since then with no ill effects although I can still feel something but wouldn't describe it as pain any more.

    To me yours sounds very similar to mine. I read about osteonecrosis and it doesn't sound great! but I think mine must be quite a minor occurrence otherwise he wouldn't be saying I could recover from it relatively easily.

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