Shin Splints on Day 255

Hi All,

I took up a challenge at the beginnign of 2012 to run a minimum of 2 miles per day, every day of of the year - no exceptions. Hoping to raise £3,650 for Cancer Research UK

I've managed to avoid any proper injury so far and have only had to battle through a bad bout of flu. That was until a week or so ago. I ran my first organised 10k of the year, which went really well, but I had some pain in my shins on the runs the days after.

Yesterday's run hurt A LOT. My right shin seems a lot better but the left one is killing me. From all the reading up I've done, the best cure for shin splints seems to be to rest.. What's the advice if rest isn't an option...?!

Thanks all,


PS. feel free to keep up to date on how my challenge is going:

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