Grunty Fen Half Marathon

Did anyone else out there struggle through the Grunty Fen Half Marathon on Sunday 9th September? Really well organised race, good turnout (all 800 places were taken) and loads of drinks stations and sponges, etc. However, ridiculously hot day, and I think most of us struggled. Would definitely try it again next year, but not in that weather!



  • Yeah, it was brutal! The results only show 572 finishers so it looks as though there were an awful lot of DNFs, I went past a few drop-outs. I was happy to stagger past the finish line in 1h:39m:32s, hoping the weather is a bit more forgiving at the Great Eastern Run next month so I can get closer to 1h:30m.

  • Yes - well organised event. Have to echo Dan's comments though - 29 degrees and not a single spot of shade on the entire course. I ran Dartford (1.38.05) and Canterbury (1.37.53) halfs in July and August respectively, both of which were considerably tougher, hillier courses, yet I ran a minute slower in pancake flat Ely than either of them.

    That said, in keeping going, after a couple of days recovery - felt absolutely great and have since run a 10k PB. I'll just have to do my HM PB at the Royal Parks instead!!




  • Funnily enough, I've also recorded PBs for 5km and 5 miles since, so perhaps there's something to be said for having a tough race every now and again!


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