About 12days ago I had a deep tissue massage of my right ITBand by my physio. It was VERY painful. He used his elbows and went DEEP......
The initial pain I presented with was just lateral to my knee. I came out of the physio session with the whole of my ITBand v tender. I went back to speak to the physio and he recommended seeing the sports masseur for a gentler massage. I did. It felt a bit better. I had a second massage by the masseur 5 days later. AFTER this massage I came up in a huge bruise(basically the length of the IT Band). I didn't run at all whilst having these appts. I RICE.
On Sat I managed a 3m run and Sunday a 7m run. The first few steps were v painful and lets just say I was "aware" of the ITBand the entire run. I was hoping everything would have settled down by today. I ran 3m this morning and again wasn't happy. basically if the discomfort doesn't subside further- I am tempted to defer the GNR My physio says to run it........he says it is just bruising and should be ok.

Tonight as a last resort I saw a different health professional at a different clinic who were advertising some "laser" light treatment that helps reduce bruising and swelling. The guy was shocked when he saw my bruising. He checked my IT Band and said at wasn't tight;but he could feel a haematoma in the muscle. he reckons I should ask for my money back from the physio............ Anyhow- he said my glutes were v tight and my vastus lateralis muscle. He worked on those and applied some KINESIOTAPING on my glutes. He said I wouldn't benefit from the laser.

Been told to ICE every 2hrs for 10mins and NOT to foam roller the ITBand;but to roller my glutes

I am also rubbing ARNICA gel on and have just bought some arnica pills. The health professional advised to stop NSAIDs as "they are just masking the problem"

I feel I have now tried everything and it is a waiting game now. I will decide on Saturday morning if I can do the GNR. If not- I will take my chip and number down to the help desk at the exhibition thingy and defer.

I know it is a personal thing..........;but what would YOU do?? Would you do anything different to me? I am willing to listen to any advice. THANKS


  • Deferred my GNR entry.......

    Really do think it was the deep tissue massage over 2 weeks ago that left me unable to competeimage

    The bruising is nearly gone;but where it was is still tender to touch. I think there must be swelling and trauma to the muscle tissue.

    I DID go back to see the physio that performed that massage on Friday. He said I would be OK to run. A 3m run on Friday was in some discomfort and I could feel every step. Decided I didn't want to run 13.1m in discomfort. aware of deep tissue massages.

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