Please help! I've been running for two months, now up to 10k....

Please help me get under 60mins for 10k! I've been running for two mths and averaging 63mins for 10k and I'm getting so frustrated!!!! Pls help?


  • How many runs a week are you doing?

    What distance are you running each run?

    How long is each run taking?

    The common beginners mistake is to run every run as fast as possible believing that this will make you faster. All it does is make you more tired.

    Run slowly at conversational pace for about 12k. Do 3 runs a week for about a month at this speed. Then have another go at your 10k route.

    Follow the sub 60 or plan attached. Don't miss sessions.

    Try again in 2 more months.
  • @ Tim, thanks this sounds like good advise. I shall try 12k method. Thank you for taken the time to respond. (I think I'm setting out too quick then fading in the last 3k)

    @J1M thank you also for taking the time to respond! I'll a look at the link and come back to you. Thanks again.


  • I had this problem for ages and also became frustrated. I spoke to my brother who knows more than I do! He suggested doing Fartleks and it worked for me. My PB in a race is now 54mins 50secs. 

    I must point out that I hate doing them and I did a 6K session of them yesterday and disliked every minute! My brother also told me only to do a session of them once a week. 

    I'm no expert but can only tell you what I do...

    I decide a distance and then run at normal pace until I feel warmed up and then I pick out a spot in the distance (like a tree or a post) and I run as fast I can to it then I slow back my normal pace until I feel recovered and repeat over and over unitl I have covered the distance. 

    Hopefully it will work for you! Good luck I know how you are feeling! 

  • Jonny, you haven't said what mirage you're currently doing. Build up slowly by adding a mile a week to each run if you're not already running 3x10k.

    The link J1M posted is good, read the first two paragraphs. You've o ly been running 2 months so get some miles in your legs before speedwork. Everyone wants to run 10k under an hour and NOW. So there are a lot of these types of articles. You are better off taking it slowly than rushing to get injured.

    J1M, I particularly like the bit where it says that elite athletes can run for 30-40 minutes without breathing
  • Take your time. I was running for a year and just couldn't get under the hour then suddenly everything came together. My current 10k pb is 54:39 and I know I can get closer to 50 but I need to be patient and work hard. You do need to get miles in your legs and this will help when you come to do speed work. You will get there, I promise!

  • That is why I was never an elite athlete, not only did I breathe I also sweated and touched the ground - in fact I remember standing on the mall in 1983 when Mike Gratton won the London Marathon (yes British male runners did do that at times)  and I am sure he was not only breathing, he was also sweating and he was definitely touchng the ground.  If I a runner was to run without touching the ground would they be disqualifed like walkers are when they are caught lifting?

    Just read it - I only saw that years London at the half way stage and then 25 miles in the Mall - I didn't see him in the first 40 minutes of the race - perhaps he didn't sweat, breathe or touch the ground in the early stages.

  • Mmmmm,

    Is that what is holding me back, I am working hard on not breathing, sweating or touching the ground and can't seem to get past a few yards. I thought maybe I didn't have the right shoe?

    Or is he just figuratively speaking? Whatever that may mean.

    Seriously though, his plans have got me 2 sub 1:40 1/2's although the sub 18 5 k didn't work for me but I skipped a few sessns.
  • "...who can run for 30-40 mins without breathing, sweating or touching the ground." Last person I saw able to move around like that was in a coffin. They weren't running though.

  • @Tim, I've Been running for two and a half months, I've been running 10k twice a week for the last month. @Joanne Mac these fartlek's sound horrific haha! How far do you sprint for? And how many times in the 6k? Ps thanks for you help
  • Ok. I would slow your 10k runs right down and add a mile to each of them.

    Do you do a 3rd run? What does that consist of. Your probably ok adding a gentle 3 miler in there for now.

    As the article says build up the distance slowly 10-15% is the usually excepted norm. So if you're doing 12miles a week you can add 2 miles this week and 3 the week after with probably no real problem.

    Don't be in a great rush to see massive improvements. Be patient.
  • Tim, this is great advice. I ran my fastest 10k this morning 61.06 (knocking 1.08 off my previous best) I think this it done your earlier advice on running on my toes not my heels and not setting out too fast. I'm losing pace between 7.5k and 9k. Next week I'll add a mile and on my two 10k and add a 5k. Thank you for your time/help once a again. Jon
  • JF, just as an idea, how about dropping your pace/ time goal for a couple of months and focussing just on increasing your weekly mileage instead?  Pace goals can feel a bit 'all or nothing'  and can leave you feeling frustrated until you achieve them and then hollow afterwards - the satisfaction can be short lived! 

    How about just focussing on your running form, cadence, economy - whatever during at least your long run instead?  Drop your focus on pace for now.  After a month or two, do a time trial and see how you get on! image

  • simple answer: run longer than 10k in training you will then find 10k a breeze and do it quicker...

  • Qfs and jh, I'm going to up my mileage next week. Thank you both of you image
  • Slow the pace down. You say you ran your quickest 10k last night. You'll just burn out if you continue chasing a quick time.

    Just run a fast one once a month.

    Really. Slowing down works. If you continually run fast you never recover and allow the muscle to adapt.
  • If you don't want to follow a set training schedule you should still structure your training.

    One long run each week. Slow and over 1:15 gradually increasing over time, a fartlek or other interval session each week and a couple of shorter runs. every 4th week don't increase your long run from the week before, then try your 10 k again.

    Repeat each month and you will see improvement month by month, although naturally he improvement will slow down.
  • Taking all this advise on board, many thanks.
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