Running partner - East London

I've been running for a few years, and mainly run off road (canal paths, etc) if possible.  Distances between 5 and 12 miles, usually in the Lee Valley, but happy to try other locations.  Flexible on days/times.


  • Hi Rebecca,

    Did you find someone to run with? I've done a half marathon in October and am thinking of signing up for another one in feb and then hopefully keeping up the training after. Would be great to have someone to run with to make sure I actually bother it- it's too easy to give it a miss!

    Let me know if you are still looking for a partner. I'm

    Up in walthamstow.


  • Hi Emma.

    Thanks for your message.  I haven't found anyone to run with, so would be great to meet up.  I'm in Walthamstow too, which should make things easier!  You're right - so easy not to bother, especially when it's so cold!

    I'm doing (well, I've signed up for) a half marathon in March, so would be good to train for that.

    If it's easier for you just to email, my address is  Hopefully we can sort something out in the not too distant future.


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