Waltham Cross to Limehouse - all on path?

I've run up the towpath from limehouse has far as Springfield park but I fancy the idea of getting the train up to Waltham Cross and running one way back to Limehouse (ie running home from outside the M25 has an appealing ring to it!). It looks open and do-able on mostly towpath (Olympic bit has re-opened now for example). It's the bit higher up I'm not sure about. Anyone here know it/run it?


  • Not recently (i.e. since last summer), but I've done some sections up there along the Lea up to Enfield Lock. Its pretty easy and well signed, but I've never gone North from there to Waltham Cross. Its sort of multi terrain path in places rather than tarmac through the Lee Valley Park so thats worth bearing in mind. As far as I know it should all be possible/open.

  • Thanks! If it's easy enough past enfield lock then i should be OK. I just found a routemap on cycle-route.com as well.

  • Did this this morning. A nice run down the river/canal and everything well signposted. Feel absurdly fortunate to be able to run such long distances entirely off road!

    For the record from Waltham Cross station to Limehouse basin is about 24.5k going via three mills (rather than cutting over to the Regents canal).

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