Set backs!!!

Hi everyone,

I started jogging year ago after did race for life (5km 45mins) but been struggling at one point I got to goodish form on treadmill then got breathing problems - now diagnosed with asthma so kinda back on track managing at moment 30mins for 3.3km outside (am no longer at a gym) I need tips on how to improve my form and best tips for motivating myself to start to jog now weather is getting cold!

I am overweight and do have knee problems but can get over that as got good knee support if I need it and been fit for 3 years. I managed a jog monday but for two days my lungs hurt I presume this is asthma related.

I would love to get to at least 10km so advise be great guys




  • Your lungs hurt?

    Weird, never had that, take your blue inhaler if you have it just before you start running and keep it with you, if you feel you might need it again.

    Lungs aching for 2 days sounds weird. I've been in casualty a couple of times with my asthma, and had it bad for a few years, but it settled down. Used my inhalers every run for 1st couple of months thankfully can jog ok without them image

    So just build up slowly I guessimage
  • Yep but its more pain I got but not as bad before got put on inhalers ( I use to jog 3km in 18mins then I couldnt even do 1km)

    I also take a purple one I take twice a day has run out (see kinda new at all this worse thing it this has a counter on it !! dohimage that I am) I found not used blue as much since I have been on purple one I tend to get chest tightness pain rather than asthma wheeze as I would call it thats when take blue so realise I am a oddball with my asthma is not wheeze starts sortness breath with tightness around chest (lung bit hence why said lungs hurt)

    I will defo attempt take blue before a jog then, I do try to breath slow and stready on my jogs did same route today managed to jog more so be interesting see how feel re pain its good get understanding of how someone else deals with it as all new to me

    I shall indeed thanks maybe not used it as much as should on initial starts thanks image

  • Your purple inhaler is the preventor so it's really important to take it twice a day to prevent symptoms starting in the first place.  Taking your blue one before you go is also a good idea, especially in very cold weather.

    I find that when it gets really cold or if I run too fast my lungs are agony but warming up properly really helps and wearing a scarf over your mouth.  I also have lung disease so I have a treadmill at home for the winter months (and indeed summer months!).

    I tend to get more of a tightness than a wheezing, which led to some teachers not believing I had asthma as a child!  My advice would be to go very slowly (annoying I know) and build up very gradually. 

    Good luck!  I'm also struggling with knee pain - caused by steroids taken for my lungs ironically!  I'm sure we'll get to where we want to be in the end though. image

  • I tried not using to see if was just cold weather and exercise that set it off and see if I was ok, but realised I still need preventative one :0) but never thought about taking blue before so will do that in my next one.

    Also good to hear that tightness is form of asthma as yeah hard to think it would be as you think it's just wheezing. At moment were live got no room for treadmill but thats what I want when I move so may have to be careful I'm cold thanks for heads up :0)

    We will indeed get there :0) thanks
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