Bedford Harriers Half Marathon

Hi I am thinking of doing this event as my comeback from illness and injury.  Has anyone done this and what did you think ?  Is it very hilly ?  any other info gratefully received.   thanks Alison


  • Hi. From what I can remember there are a couple of testing climbs and it's an uphill finish into Wootton where the race finishes. However, it's a well established local race and I'm sure you would enjoy it!


  • Thank you Buzzard258,   might give a miss if hills are too testing. Won't help the injuries sadly...... Good luck with your running

  • I'm going to enter it as my landmark 25th half.  I wasn't going to until I realised that I'd counted the cancelled Watford half this year so I'm one short.  Go for it Alison, it'll make you feel better when you drink and eat too much over Xmas image


  • Alison, as a 65year old who hates hills, this course isn't so bad. Hills tend to be long drags rather than steep inclines.

    If you have been putting in the miles during your recovery this could be a good run to test your progress.

    Good luck ..
  • I've entered this. Go for it Alison!
  • I might have a crack at this. Cheers.
  • Done ths a couple of times. It's alright.

  • Just entered this

    Then San Silvestre Vallecana in Madrid the 31st.

    Bring it on!

  • hello alison i have run this a few times, always cold, always 2 minutes slower then i want, but always feel great for christmas. i,m in.

  • I've done this three times before and am doing it again this year. Very well organised local race. I agree with tom nicholson that the hills are more long drags than steep inclines and there are nice cups of tea at the end as consolation. Probably not one for a pb though.

  • its a fab race -

    couple of testing climbs, but lots of fun, nice long down hill back before 1/2 slight climb to finish

    i'm off sick at moment, otherwise it would have been our 254 th HM

  • What about this lovely weather at present. Will the race go ahead?
  • These are my Garmin stats from last year for anybody that wants to see the elevation...  Majority of last few miles running downhill...lovely!

    The worst hill was the short and sharp at mile 3 (it looks tiny on my Garmin elevation though!)

  • Anyone know if you can park near the start as rather not catch the park and ride if I can help it? 

  • Good run yesterday and wasn't too chilly once you got going.

    Well organised and plenty of marshall support even if there weren't many locals out.

    Only negative I could see was once you finished you had to queue up for water as the helpers giving it out seemed really unorganised.

  • i had a good run to, last ran in 2007. don,t like kids backpack you can,t us it.

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