Broadway Tower Marathon

Having entered this event already ( only the half I'm afraid ) I went for a run around the route last weekend. Absolutely fabulous. Great trail route with a few unavoidable road sections ( but not much ). Fantastic views from up on the hills. Save some energy for the 2nd half where the 2 big climbs are. I hope this becomes a regular event.

I used to say 'never' to off road running, but I am a total convert.

Hope to see lots of people there.

Tim ( Evesham Vale Running Club ) 


  • im doing the full one.look forward to it.only crit is 45 quid seems a bit steep for a marathon?

  • I tried the half marathon route on a lovely sunny day this weekend and the views were stunning!

    I know some of the route well but have never tried it all before.... and great fun it was too!

    Some of the wooded parts already have a few very muddy sections so that trail shoes with grippy soles will be a great help; although most of the way is either on grass or good trails.

    Now I've tried all the climbs I've added half an hour to my target time.... just to admire the views of course image 




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