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I currently use a 12l OMM ultra pack and while it does the job and hasn't rubbed in runs upto 6 hours, I don't find it particularly comfy, I feel it is too big, the chest straps too low and the shoulder straps don't fit great! 

I'm really petite and was wondering if any other petite ladies have found a small pack that works well for them? I like the idea of the vest style ones but I'm not sure how ajustable they are, store choice seems to be pretty limited so it's hard to try them on image


  • I use the omm 6l waist pack.  It's got half the capacity of the backpack.  Nice and comfy and a lot less hassle i find then a backpack, would that be big enough for you?

  • I don't get on well with waist packs, I use a salomon pack for shorter distances and it really annoys me jigging up and down as does my bottle belt! For a couple of hours I can cope but if I had it on for a whole day I think it would drive me mad image

  • touie, im not sure if you and i have had this discussion before  abt backpacks. im very small too and currently have the Quechua backpack.its fine but past 30miles it starts to rub on my back because basically the whole thing is too long. this can be remedied by wearing a long top to pad it but the shoulders and generally all of it is still too big for me. i am soon to be ordering the Nathan womens vest hydration pack. this is shorter is design, has narrower shoulder and no stupid waist belt either. google it on chainreaction cycle, its had some fab reviews from women who are very small and petite. i cant wait to get mine!!

  • agree that the vest style is limited but the nathan one seems to be a hit-its specifically designed for female long distance runners. will have mine by end of sept hopefully so can let you know how it goes.

  • touie, i cant use waist belt either, and i hacked off the straps on the quechua until there was nothing left trying to get it tighter but the general shoulder strap position is just too wide. like i say for short runs of 20-30 its fine but longer im really hoping the vest style is going to work better

  • loulabell wrote (see)

    the nathan one seems to be a hi-tits specifically designed for female long distance runners. will have mine by end of sept hopefully so can let you know how it goes.

    sounds interesting.

  • imageskotty....stop doctoring my posts

  • thank loulabell the Nathan vest does sound like it could work well, I had thought about the Salomon s-lab advanced skin pack but couldn't find any recommendations by women for it! image

  • thats the one touie....i think it will have room yes. there is a ladies salomon pack and i know someone who swears by hers but i havnt really looked at it tbh to compare...this nathan ine hs the advantage of the bladder being on the nearest outside ppocket and a slide top closure rather than the stupid screw top cap that makes a mess everywhere when you try and refill. chainreaction is the cheapest ive founs it, other places do it for £65ish

  • How much storage space do you need and what other features?

    The UltrAspires are brilliant - comfy & lightweight but not much storage on some of them.  The straps are more comfy than on the smaller OMM packs, they're made of a softer material and are wider while the chest-strap is much thinner and softer.


  • I'm not sure really I think about 10l would be plenty I was looking at the UltrAspire Omega but bit worried about it fitting me!

    ps how do you turn a long link like mine above into a nice neat clicky? image 

  • We've sold a couple of Omegas to ladys and they've been surprised by how compact they are.  I could send you a picture later today of the Omega beside an OMM 12 if you want?  Happy to measure them as well if there's any areas you're concerned about.  Drop me an email and we can sort something out I'm sure.

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     Here's one for my email address.

  • touie2, I've got the Salomon Wings 10+3 vest in the small size (teal colour) - I'm 5 ft 2 and a small size 10. I find it's great - wore it for NDW50 and it was fine. Gives FOUR accessible pockets while running, three of them zipped (I stuff my Montane Featherlight Marathon windproof jacket into the fourth one). The s-lab version may be even better but costs more, of course. The bladder compartment, which is accessed from outside, not from within the main compartment, is probably designed for a 1.5 litre bladder but the Camelbak 2 litre just fits in as well (most other 2 litre bladders are too long. There are two small mesh pockets inside the main compartment, one of them zipped, for valuables etc.

  • Thanks debra I looked for that one but could only find a large at chain reaction cycles and no others anywhere!!!

    I think it's between the s-lab 12 or the ultraspire omega, not sure which is best for me!

    to update I've actually just ordered the Salomon due to what i have read it looks like it might be a better fit on me but if not I will send it back and try the other!


    Thanks for everyones help image

  • I was recommended a North Face Enduro Boa by a very petite ultra runner as being the best thing ever. Bought one online as I couldn't find them in stock anywhere to try, and it's too small for me! I can barely get the velcro waist strap done up and it's just overall too small. I can wear it but it's really not a good fit. So if you're very petite it might be a great fit for you. I was really annoyed it was too small for me as apart from the size thing it's great and I really wanted to like it.

    P.S. And I'm hardly a heffalump at 5'6" and a size 10-12!

  • P.P.S. Is the Nathan Intensity the one you're mentioning?

    I've got a Nathan waist belt and love it. Am hoping their bigger packs will be equally good. Thinking of ordering one to try...

  • Just to say it arrived today, I've not tried running with it yet but the fit seems great! The only problem with it unless I'm missing something is that it seems to be an over the head job getting it on and off!

    Let me know how that Nathan one is though Loulabell, I might invest in a smaller one for shorter runs when i have some more cash!!!

  • North Face do a few really compact running rucksacks/vests which look good.

    Here's my first thoughts having used the UltrAspire Revolution on a few long runs.


  • I can see myself having as many packs as handbags soon image

  • I think its impossible to have one bag which will do everything.  Unfortunately its often not until you've bought one and tried it that you find out its not for you.  I've just put two more of mine on eBay tonight as they've been lying in a cupboard for months without being used.

  • Yes I've got one thats sat in the cupboard for a couple of years I was close to ebaying it but just cant bring myself to do it yet, maybe when the cupboard is bursting!!!

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