How I love thee Mizuno Precisions

Hi,  my shoes are the perfect partners but they've recently started wearing out fast (Mizuno Precision 12's.)  Bought in January with about 7 decent months of running in them .   The real problem is that the upper is made in a soft white fabric material and has worn out in several places at once, above toes and also wearing away from the outsoles on the outside of the right foot.  

I have an older pair (Precision 9's) which I used for 18 months which are still around the house and are still used in the mud - comparatively they're now in much better nick. No similar signs anywhere.  

Also have Nike Free 2's for treadmill sessions in the gym or the odd Parkrun and they're also not showing any signs of wear yet so I'm convinced its not me (well 90%).

My question is whether this is a common problem and I should instead be bragging about the kind of mileage that warrants running shoe burnout!   Considered contacting Mizuno but no email address is apparent and I hate writing letters in pen and paper (save that for Companies which irk me - low cost airlines and such)

Thanks - Jon


  • Similar issues. Really liked the shoes but the uppers started to tear after just 10 weeks (around 450-500 miles). Mizuno / Sweatshop changed for me with no issues but same happened with replacement in same timescales. New version look slightly stronger with a different fabric but decided not to risk another pair.
  • Cheers glad it wasn't just me....I noticed the uppers on the updated shoes appear better constructed, some good reviews as well.  Been considering a change but may try the 13's out first...

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