treadmill recommendation 2.5 - 3.0 chp



can anyone recommend a decent treadmill to me,  looking for a 2.5 - 3.0 chp and to hold weight 20 stone and above as my hubby will use it.  im running half marathons done 5 this year but want to get a decent treadmill for the winter months .  thanks 


  • Horizon, Vision Fitness or Life Fitness all offer quality machines that can handle a bit of a bashing.  They are not cheap but if you buy cheap, with respect to your husband, it will be rattling to pieces in a short time

  • thanks for the reply i have looked at horizon would you know anything about nordictrack

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Hi Janetta.  I have owned a Nordic Track C2000 for a few years - it is unavailable now but I assume there will be an equivalent model.  It is a very substantial treadmill weighing over 90 kg, I would suggest you need something like this, the cheap models are lightweight and clattery by comparison.  It took 4 of us to get it upstairs into the room where I wanted it!  This one will fold up and has a fan & music connection, it will do either miles or k's.  Top speed is 4:50 miling!

    Lastly, it is well worth getting some proper gym matting to put underneath the treadmill - the treadmill shop will usually sell this too.

  • I've just been looking at the Pro Rider Mobility one, looks good spec (marketed as a commercial one) and decent for the price direct from the manufacturer. I'm aiming to try it out in the showroom (luckily 6 or 7 miles away only from where I live) next week.
  • Daeve wrote (see)
    I've just been looking at the Pro Rider Mobility one, looks good spec (marketed as a commercial one) and decent for the price direct from the manufacturer. I'm aiming to try it out in the showroom (luckily 6 or 7 miles away only from where I live) next week.

    Daeve did you ever get around to testing this treadmill?.....I have one ordered and am curious to know what it's like. Cheers.

  • Yup, tested one and bought one. It's practically silent when you are not running on it even at high speed and very solid. Few bells and whistles, but does the job. Very smooth auto incline. It is noisier when running than a big gym one, but then I'm 13st8 and land heavily ( but learning how not to, I'm not hugely familiar with treadmill running). So far very satisfied compared to comparably priced ones that were much flimsier I tried.
  • Thanks for the feedback Daeve, really appreciate it. I got a text message last night saying to expect delivery today...So I am really pleased that you find the treadmill was worth the money. I bought a Roger Black Gold treadmill from Argos eight weeks ago and it broke on the 6th week.....just stopped dead...luckily I was only doing 6.5 with no incline at the time. I had a bit of a problem getting a full refund but eventually they agreed, so I put the odds toward this Pro Rider Mobility one.....hopefully I will have better luck with that. Thanks again for the heads up. -Das

  • Dastardley, did you get this pro rider and what is you opinion? looking to buy this and not seen much feedback about it





  • To update - I've been using it a lot in the bad weather.  It's still a bit loud when you land on it (I could do with a thicker mat I think to dampen the noise), and at higher speeds after a lot of use, it started to slip quite a lot so I became unhappy with it,  I then read the manual image

    The slippage was easily solved by a few allen key turns to tighten the belt, and also I added a bit of silicone lubricant under the belt - now it works perfectly.  The only negatives I've found is that it is only in metric, and the HRM is useless (a - because you have to hold it, which while running is silly and b - because when you do hold it it shows around 75 regardless!).  Saying that I use my Garmin HRM anyway.

    Overall very happy with it after 4 months of use, only had it up to 18kph as there's a patio windo behind me (ouch!) and no issues with the power.

    I've only ever been on a big gym one before so can't compare it to other home ones.

  • I got the prorider Paul and i have to say i am very happy with it. I use it daily for an hour a day. I'm not a runner, i only use the machine as an aid to losing weight (i'm a heavy guy 17st 7lb from 19st 9lb since using the machine and i'm only 5'7" tall.

    It runs well and is very sturdy build wise in comparison to other home treadmills. It was easy to assemble right out of the box. It is very heavy so make sure you have a mate on hand to help you manouver it into position in whatever room you place it in. On the down side I find the fan next to useless and the speakers for the mp3 player hook up arent the greatest if you like your music blasting while you run.......i invested in a set of bluetooth headphones that enable me to have the sounds blasting out as i train.. All in all if you are looking for a robust treadmill i doubt you will find any better than the pro rider in the price range. I am really glad i bought mine.......i did have a roger black treadmill before this which was a complete nightmare....stay well clear of those. Hope this helps you. -Kenny
  • Thanks Kenny

    I've kinda narrowed down to pro rider, JTX sprint 5 or possible horizon model

  • How do I set the pro rider to do long distance, does the treadmill stop after 20 minutes if I choose quick start

  • Hi just wondered if anyone knows how to reset the Prorider when it is showing the fault over speed and will not start.   I have had the treadmill for a year and been very pleased.   Would be grateful for any help. 

  • What is the best lubricant for the pro rider treadmill?

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