I entered the Bristol half by post and sent 2 entries for myself and my husband . Several friends did the same . I put the same  finish time on the forms - but have got the race numbers in the post this week and we have 2 different start times - yellow and green

What the hell is going on with the organisation of this race ?

Not a happy bear !

Anyone else got the same problem ? 


  • Shit.  This really is the end of the world.

  • Isn't it just !!

    Er you can always get the faster pen runner to move back a pen ?
  • thanks Intermanaut - very good of you

  • I think that the staggered start is more to spread the runners out.  There is probably quite a big overlap between the slowest runners in wave 1 and the faster runners in wave 2.  As Cougie has said, it is usually ok to move down a wave, so I'm sure you can do that if you have to run together.

  • Why don't you just call the organisers and ask what can be done? They are dealing with thousands of entries and they are just trying to do the best they can. Bristol is a very well established and well-organised race, and the staggers are for the safety of everyone involved, and to try to help everyone in that middle bracket to have some space to run faster times, and to be able to get access to water stations and the like so that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable run. I'm sure that it was not intentional to split up everyone who entered together, but I imagine that the person who registers payments passes a big list of numbers on to a different person who generates which start they will be going from, and that the person may not have any idea which applications came in the same envelope. 

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