Painful Toe Nail!

I had a nasty, black big toe nail for a couple of months after the FLM. As it wasn't painful at the time I just ignored it and wore dark nail polish! Last week it fell off half way down the nail bed and I can see the new nail forming underneath. The problem is that there is a bit of the old nail right on the side digging into my toe forming an ingrowing toe nail. It is inflammed and painful to the touch. I've been using disinfectant and fucidine (anti-biotic ointment) twice a day but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. If I continue with this treatment will it heal up on its own once the nail totally comes off or should I see a chiropodist?

It's not affecting my running at the moment as it doesn't touch my shoe, but I don't want it to get any worse as I'm doing the Windsor Half at the end of September.

So - Vrap, Hippo, Alan and anyone with experience of marathon toes! your advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks,
Rach x


  • See a doctor who does toenail surgery, or a chiropodist, Rach. You may need a little operation to remove the ingrowing spicule of nail.

    To help yourself, if you can ease the sore area of skin away from the nail gently by putting a tiny piece of rolled-up cotton wool between them, that may help the nail to grow out again.
  • Thanks Vrap, I'll give that a go tonight, the nail does seem to be well and truly dug in though.

    I'm just trying to work our how to explain "ingrowing" in French for when I call the doctor!
  • I'm sure "sore toe" will do nicely, Rach!
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