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Hi, I am currently running in Asics Foundation 8s but they are now giving me painful blisters on my insteps and the blood on my socks tells me it's time to replace them. From reading online reviews and doing shoe finder questionairres I am thinking about getting New Balance 880s, Asics Gel-1170s or Asics Gel-Cumulus 14s. I have 2 questions. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience of which of these shoes might be best? Also does anyone know the cheapest place online (or otherwise - but only in the UK) to buy them?



  • Find somewhere near you that can do gait analysis and recommend what shoes are actually right for you. 
    I'd definitely recommend this for a 1st time buyer. Seeing as the Foundations are hefty motion-control rigs, the 1170s are less supportive and the Cumulus and 880s are completely neutral, it's worth finding out which are best suited to you.

  • I think you need to follow Pethead's advice.  As they said these shoes are targetted at different running styles, so I can't see how they'd all be suitable for you. Also as everyones feet are different, you cant depend on other peoples view of the shoes as a particular brand may not asuit your foot shape.

    From the blisters on your instep, it does sound like the foundations are giving you too much support, so this may help the shop that does the gait analysis guide you towards shoes that over little or no support.

    The shoes you've mentioned also differ markedly in price, so you may want to decide your budget before you go into the shop.

  • Thanks. I do want to have a gait analysis, but I'm not sure I can afford to buy the trainers in a specialist running shop. Do you just suck it up and pay the shop price or do you ever buy online once you know which shoes/size you need?

  • I think there is a moral obligation to buy in the shop once have had the advice there - if enough don't there will be no shops to go to.

    However, find out what type of shoe you need, discuss various options which would be suitable so you get a good idea of what is appropriate, and then when you need a replacement pair you could buy online then.

  • That's what I meant - I'd be far too embarrassed to waste their time finding me the right shoe and then not buying it there! I can either guess at a shoe and buy cheaper online (might save a bit, or be a big waste of money) or get them done properly this time and buy replacements online next time. I think that's the way to go. I did get my Foundation 8s at a specialist running shop - but they didn't offer me a gait analysis. Maybe because I said I was a beginner? This time I will ask for one. Thanks for your help. You're right! It's not worth saving £10-20 and ending up with an injury.

  • It's worth buying shoes from the shop that gives you the advice, if you view it as a one-time investment. Once you know what type of shoe (or even make/model) suits you, you're free to shop online for as many bargain-ous subsequent pairs as you like. It's unlikely a good pair will suddenly become unsuitable for you.

  • I had the same problem, I think as long as you know what type of trainer you need its fine to buy online, have you tried 

  • I had the same problem, I think as long as you know what type of trainer you need its fine to buy online, have you tried  

  • I had the same problem, I think as long as you know what type of trainer you need its fine to buy online, have you tried ? 

  • Or go to a podiatrist first with your trainers to see if they can tell you what the problem is and what sort of shoe they recommend.  Either way, you're going to have to spend some money up front to give you the best chance that your next shoes won't do the same thing.

    I take it you've tried looking in the shoes to see if there's something causing the blisters like a rogue seam or part of the insole, tried different socks, vaseline on your feet etc?

  • I have tried various socks and I've taken a look - I think I can see the bit that's doing it! I have put duct tape over it and am hoping for the best :S At the moment I'm pretty poor so that might have to do! Need to wait for the burst blister to heal before I can really see if they are going to do any further damage though. Am just taping up my feet for now.

  • First choice would be the local running shop. In the long run (if you'll pardon the pun) you'll save money and injury by buying the right shoes - even if they're £15 more than buying them online.

    However, if it really is impossible to get to a shop, there is a variety of online tools that you can use to at least help you narrow down your choice, such as: - go to the shoe advisor on here and do the motion tests at home - this will suggest some brooks shoes but more importantly will give you an idea about your likely pronation. - go through the questions here including the wet foot test and it will help you to narrow down your choice.

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