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Yo dudes and dudettes

Obviously I'm new to this running game. But i'd like to share my experience so far and if anyone would like to add what i should expect in the coming weeks.

OK so I joined the gym after a 3.5 year recess because I wanted to get better at other things. I've been swimming for a while but the idea of triathlon has captivated me.

First visit was awkward, induction, 10 mins on the tread mill all i seem to be able to do was walk with a couple of mins light jog.

2 weeks later and in such a short time worked up to 20 mins constant jog covering just over 2.5km.

In the next few weeks i want to push it to a constant upto 5km along with 20km cycle and swim, for those triathletes you'll recognise this as a sprint distance.

I need as much advice as i can to build up. I'm not a light fella, but already have big bodily results (no pun intended) leg muscles changed, larger hamstrings and quads. what do i expect, and what addition things to chuck in my diet??

I eventually want to knock off a marathon on my bucket list.


  • Well done simon for getting stuck in! and welcome.

    I expect a lot of people here will say to you what i am about to say and that is, if you can, try to get off the treadmill and do at least some of your running outside (on or off road) as you will find it a different experience and a little harder. it will help you improve, and if you plan on entering any races in the future, dont forget they are all outside too! keep up the good work image

  • Try posting in the triathlon section. I'm sure you will get more advise.

    I found this which might help


    I don't know as I can't swin and ride a single speed so tri is out for me.

    Good luck
  • Re: marathon - how about working up to a half marathon in year 1 and a marathon at the end of year 2, with various tris & 5 mile/10k/ten mile races sprinkled in as appropriate?

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