Gosport Half-Marathon



  • FINALLY got around to entering the Gosport Half - nothing like leaving it to the last minute!!

    Ran the race back in 2009 while down on holiday, I still remember the "puddle" on the airfield, which we had to go through twice, I hope it's dried up by now image ....it was quite a large "puddle" and 1st time I went through the middle and wished I'd run around it, 2nd time I ran around it (in all the deep mud) and wished I'd just ploughed through the knee deep water again.


  • David - thanks for that link. I am number 750. I am guaranteed a personal best time!

  • Hamstring  pull last night speed tranning at the running track, so 50/50 for Gosport half. So looking forward to it. Long way to come from Somerset with a hamstring pull, so ill test run the old 54 year old leg on sat to check it out hope it be ok by then. Frist time going to Gosport half, was hoping for new pb 10. 26,

  • Are you icing the hamstring???

  • Kev, if you've really pulled your hamstring, you won't be racing a half marathon for weeks and weeks, let aone in 8days!

    It might just be like mine, perenially tight and a little twingey, but in effect no problemo. Fingers crossed eh image

  • My leg will be ok next week to go off and discover the great land of Gosport, not going to let you south coast boys think us farmyard boys from somerset are not up to it david.

    Been icing the old leg all day yesterday big improvement zoe, ill be on the start line next sunday,with my Alzheimers vest on ready to run.

    Dont think my hamstring pulled that bad stevie been walking ok so far today not alot of pain, i think mybe like yours a little twingey,ill be there going for it.

  • you'll be fine to get round as a minimum I'm sure. Race day magic has a way of making you forget niggles whilst racing. It's just the after sometimes!

  • Not long to go now! I'm getting really excited. This is my first 1/2 marathon and I am desperate to see how fast I can go so I can get a decent race time prediction for the full marathon. I've only been running since May so am a bit clueless.

    My kids have had horrible colds and coughs. Normally I catch these right away but I seem to have been holding off this one! This morning though I woke up with the sniffles. Really hope I am over it by race day!

    Quick question for you all. What will you run in? Racing vests, t-shirts or full sleeve tops? I was going to wear a thicker full sleeve top that I use in training and keeps me warm but was not sure whether it is better to wear something thinner on race day perhaps.

  • Hi Khanivore, dont go off the start line to fast thats the mistake that most new runners make, its a long way over 13 miles to the finish line. Best to run a nice continuous constant pace all the way  to the finish line. I would run in running vest if the weather like it is today, it my seen cold at the frist 3 to 4 miles but it will soon warm up.

  • All good advice. Thanks guys. Based on my 10k time the MacMillan calculator is telling me that my 1/2 marathon pace is 8:47 min/mile. I think I am going to play it safe though and start off at 9:00 min/mile and reassess at the half way point. I know it's slow but at least I know I have a fighting chance of finishing in under 2 hrs which was my goal anyway.

    I have a light ron hill full sleeve top. I think I will wear that. I look like a banana in it as it is flouro yellow lol. The part of me that gets cold is my hands. I will stick on my thin runnning gloves. 

    Starting to get really excited about this now! image WOOHOOOO.

  • Hi everyone. I came back from a weekend away to find my race number has arrived. Happy days. Looks like I have just got my entry in time as the race is now full. Keep an eye out for Number 1914! Looks like the forecast will be fairly decent as well, sunny with light winds, so I'll be in the shorts and light top, just as the GSR.

  • David. I couldn't agree with you more. I found that I had a good steady pace in the recent GSR. If I get near the 2 hour mark, I'll be happy - but then whatever I come in at will be a PB, being my first time at this distance.

  • Hi, newbie here.

    Running my 7th half on sunday and first in 3 years, very much looking forward to it, hoping to beat my PB of 1.38.58 by at least 3 mins for my 7th PB in 7, so hoping for a windless day.

    One question about the course, are their toilets on route?  Never needed to go before, but paranoid about it this time for some reason!!!

    Everyone have a good race, i'm lucky 1900, never had such an easy number to remember before.

  • yipee, got my race number today 1846, so everyone that passes me, including the bus driver say hello. My first one hoping for under 2 hours, the pack says no ipod, are they serious! spent the last couple of  weeks training with it singing out 80's tunes to get my breathing right! got to have the tunes

  • I dont have a particular axe to grind on Ipods (other music players are also available....), other than they dont suit me for outside running, but on a treadmill is an essential accessory. Must be a balance/awareness thing?

    I did observe, during the Great South Run this year, that an ambulance approaching from behind was being delayed getting through the runners. At one point (about the 7 mile mark, I think, if anyone else was there) a lot of the more observant runners as well as spectators were all calling to get off the road, but the way wasnt being cleared all that quickly. I had to tap another runner's shoulder to draw attention to the situation. I assume the Ipod/earbuds/volume setting had something to do with that.


  • David, as long as i am not the only one singing, still going to bring my ipod as thats how i have trained, tracks per mile so i now know when Dead or Alive come on with spin me right round i have done 6 miles,


  • Really looking forward to Sunday. I've had a terrible year running - iinjuries, slow races etc so really hoping just to get round without too much pain! I dislike running without music as I find it really helps to take my mind off any niggles, but appreciate why they insist on no headphones from a H&S view. We'll just have to sing to one another on the way round (if I can get my breath).
  • The website clearly states that MP3 players are not allowed.

  • Don Donnelly 2 wrote (see)

     spent the last couple of  weeks training with it singing out 80's tunes to get my breathing right! got to have the tunes

    Maybe breathing would be easier if you weren't trying to sing and run image

    One thing this forum needs more of is ipod discussions though.



  • Sounds good to me. Cant wait to the half marathon singalong!

  • I'm sure you'll have time to sing a song for all of us David image

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