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  • I'm in for Gosport this weekend and looking forward to it. I've a charity place in the VLM next year and using this as early base training for it. Managed 2 HMs over last few months, but now looking to get under the 2hr mark on Sunday.

    I've done all my running with an Iphone for music and pace / timing (Runkeeper), so this will be strange to run without it. But I've got a new Garmin 610 to test (Birthday pressie), so will be using that for pace / tracking.

    Hope to meet a few of you there. Tim 

  • Thanks David, I'll set the virtual runner for 2 hr pace (~9mins / mile ????) and work it from there. In both of my HMs to date, I've gone off too fast and sufferd, so I need to rev it back a bitimage 

    I was hoping to get a 16 week VLM training plan loaded into to 610, but technology has go the better of me for sure. But I've still got a few weeks to get that sorted if I can....

  • Afternoon all,

    One of the guys I going to run this with has had to pull out injured.  I was planning to ingnore my watch and chase him around to try and get a new pb.  Anybody know anyone how has entered and is looking to do a 1:24 ish?

  • Or me. I'll be happy to do it in just over two hours. Mind, if anyone hears me singing, their pace will increase just to get away! lol.

  • Sorry - back to ipods / MP3's. I ran this last year and am down to do it again this year. Had to collect my number / chip etc from a different desk at the start as I entered really late so did not get the pre run gumpf NOR did I see the apparently blooming obvious signs everywhere that said NO MP3'S !! I wore my MP3 and it was only when I finished that a marshall told me they were banned.....I was very surprised and clearly that registered on my face. He was a good man and said that they had been told to disqualify anyone who was wearing one but let me off !!! So...be warned.....they WILL disqualify you. I have done quite a few marathons now where music is banned and that is getting to be more common - and it is very doable....just go with the rhytmn of your breathing and you will be fine.  image

  •  Apologises David....I find baby wipes get most things clean if the monitor is a bit tacky now. 

    On the music front I know where people are coming from with the 'why not?' question especially if you could do it where it effects no one else, but it pretty much also does.  Depending on where you are in the field there will be plenty of places where if listening to music you'd block other runners by not being able to hear an 'excuse me please" coming from behind.  I did Bath a few years back starting in the 1:45 group and the first 5km or was so frustrating, it only takes a small gaggle of people with tunes on to completely block the course.  It is even worse when marshalling and you can't warn people of a hazard or get them to more over to let the medics past......(deep breath - he says getting back down from his soap boximage)  

  • fingers crossed the weather looks ok, Monday not so!

  • hopefully, know i have a 1.36 in me, which would be 3 mins off the pb, just need everything to go well on the day.

  • PB conditions for sure, even looks like a light breeze.  You know what this means though.......no where to hide, it is down to each of us to deliver on the day now. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

  • are there toilets on course?  How far in advance should i arrive, 1 hour?

  • Damn it - i survived a week of my twins sneezing and coughing all over me only to have fallen at the last minute. I have come down with man flu just a couple of days before my first half marathon! image

  • TIP TIP - Get up early enough to have a power breakfast of porridge with maple syrup and some juice, drive to the race, think about race en-route, nerves have usual effect on disgestive tract, stop at nearest supermarket/services and use their relatively clean conveniences.  Smile while joining the shorter 'No.1s' queue at race venue.image

  • i was more concerned with out on the course, any loos on teh way round?

  • Christ how long are you planning on being out there? 

    From memory there aren't any race specific ones....you could always make like a bear!image

  • hopefully 1hr 30, never needed to go during a race before, but needed to on a few trainig runs and it means properly slowing down/stopping.

  • Assuming you are talking about No.1s then you must be drinking too much before the start.  So long as you hydrate well the night before and the morning of the race you shouldn't need to drink much immediately before or during the race.  I have got my time down to little less that your target time and I find that when I'm pushing hard I cannot drink much at all, literally just wash my mouth out.

    Give it a shot as I'm sure if not having that drink right before the race means you don't have to stop then and loss in time due to hydration levels will be more than compensated for

  • David, unless they've changed the area around Gosport since 2 years ago there's a pretty easily accessible park/woody area within about half a mile of the start!

    I should know, I utilised it in 2010  image

  • David I have just checked on google maps and as luck would have a few hundreds yards north of the entrance into the airfield is a sewage works.  Between the two is a field with hedge boundaries so not only do you have privacy but no one will notice the smell.....Bonus!image

  • The main parking field is quite cross country feel, with plenty of places to "unleash"

    And down the road is a park/woody area that any enterprising/desperate chap can utilise!

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