Gosport Half-Marathon



  • How did you get from 2:10 to 1:30!!?? Any advice appreciated? I am going to introduce 1600m intervals in to my training this week and maybe alternate them with hill repeats once a week.

  • 4 years and a lot of long slow miles mostly image

    A few interval sessions on the way (but not many), a brilliant coach who stuck with me when I was struggling, but mostly lots of slow miles image

  • Now THAT is interesting!!! I have been running since May (well I started walk/running). I am running 4 days a week. 3 of those days are slow and 1 is fast (for me). I am going to add a 5th day of running. Are you saying that I am better off using that day to increase my volume rather than doing hill repeats or intervals? Your timing is perfect as I am planning my 5th day right now! image 

  • Yes for now... Have you seen this thread:


    It might help you to line up your priorities for the next 12-16 weeks and train to them. Even if you repeated what you did for Gosport you would expect to see some time improvement as your aerobic base grows image

    Half marathon is an endurance event so the main factor for those who are new to it is going to be avoiding the pace drop off over the last few miles.

  • Thanks for the link. I will check it out. I started thinking about intervals as they are a part of the runners world smartcoach programmes.

    So should I cancel the perm? I figured the curls were your secret to going faster image

  • No dont cancel them permentnantly image

    But they need to have a purpose, and right now you'll get better returns off a tempo run (especially with a mile or two at HMP) because of the risk of injury with intervals.

    If you want to do intervals make sure they are specific to your weaknesses - easiest way to do this is join a club (should be about £40 a year or less), go along and discuss with the relevant group coach your aims. You'll get your speedwork in a nice environment and meet loads of faster runners who will have loads of advice for you image

  • Great advice for you khanivore, patience and time should get you the faster times you want. Some are obviously naturally quick when they start, and they are the ones at the front. You have probably already found you are getting quicker with the running you have already done.

    I don't tend to do specific training runs, I have longer slower runs and shorter faster runs. I started with the jog/walking 5 years ago and my 1st half marathon was 2:25, Sunday I was in the 1:33's too. At my quickest I almost cracked the 90mins (but I've not given up on that target image)

  • Wow - so you guys are getting to 1:30'ish times without specific speed training? That is hugely encouraging to me image I will crack on with more miles! Thanks so much. 

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