Over done it!

I'm in training for a marathon but I have over done my training by going too fast on my long runs and now I have had to miss 3 runs this week, overall because of my stupidity a total of 5 runs in the last two weeks image . My longest run is this Sunday the 22 miler, would I still be ok for the marathon? I'm worried that missing runs my fitness would have dropped too much.

Cheers.. from one very tired runner!


  • When is your marathon?

  • Based on your previous posts, you haven't had the ideal preparation as you've made the (common) mistake of trying too hard.

    Do your long run on Sunday, but if you don't feel right then don't feel that you must complete the whole distance.  If you could find a 5.5 mile circuit this would help, as you could aim to complete four loops but you'd only be a couple of miles from base at any given time if it starts to go wrong.

    I don't know what your target time is for the marathon, but I'd recommend you take a pessimistic look at it and adjust it to a slower target.  Then you can complete the race and give yourself a rest.  You can then consider learning from the training mistakes, and aiming to improve for your next marathon.  

  • in the last 2 weeks you would be tapering anyway, so i would guestimate that you should just carry on with the training plan as normal?

  • Thanks stutyr, thats a sound idea.. I will do the loop, I will let you know how it went image

  • 22 miler st this stage is possibly too much, and make sure it is SLOW. Once that's over , make usre you taper proprely, don't try to catch up on missed runs.

  • Missing 3 runs in a week isn't a problem if the rest of your training has been ok, it's the long runs that really count for marathon training and even then missing one isn't going to be the end of the world!

    I haven't read your other threads so don't know what you've been upto training wise!
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