Time for a 10k?

So for the last 5 or so weeks Ive been in training for a sprint triathlon on Sunday, with a 5k run in it.

I'm looking for future events to keep me motivated and there's a 10km road race 9 weeks on Sunday, as a runner who's never gone over 5k - is this adequate time to prepare? I was thinking of using a plan similar to something like the one on this website. But as a novice it'd be good to get some more experienced opinions.



  • There is also the Active.com 5k to 10k app (by the same people who do the Couch to 5k app) which is 9 weeks long and 3 runs per week.

    I'm currently on Week 5 of the Couch to 5k app and am then aiming to do the 5k to 10k afterwards (and run a 10k on New Years Day), so mine is just another novice opinion rather than one of the more experienced folks on here, but it seems as if 8-9 weeks is a feasible period of time based on most of the popular training regimes that are out there.

  • yes, its fine. As klstevens says, there are plenty of 8 week 10k schedules available.  So take the week after your triathlon relatively easy and then start a plan for the 10k eight weeks before the event.


  • Alright cheers you two, I'll probably get started just after my race at the weekend then image

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