Stomach trouble

Hi there,

I need advice and ideas on how to try and fix my stomach problem:

What happens is at about 4 miles into the run I get what I would presume is a large pocket of gas in my stomach, that makes the cliche'd 'ploop' sound of something falling into water, very loud, every time a place a foot. It usually occurs roughly central behind the bottom of my rib-cage, and (to put it bluntly) it never works it's way out at either end. Very occasionally, it will completely disappear, in a single footstep, for a couple of miles, but will eventually return. Also, it is not at all painful, although I can feel it and sense it coming on.

I presume it's dietary, and I've tried eliminating dairy, and not eating and barely drinking for the preceding 16 hours. Neither have worked.

Any ideas or information will be helpful, and I'm willing to try almost anything.

Many thanks


  • Try asking your doctor ?

    Try wind tablets or pantoloc ?

    Try a curry with lots of cumin in it ?

  • Thanks!

    I'll give the curry a go next time I go running!

  • Eat the curry the day before. Don't eat it when you are running, you may spill some.


  • I get this.  I have no solutions but find I get it more if I run on an empty stomach.  I know how you feel - not painful but very annoying and I get paranoid other people can hear it as I run past them!

  • It's good to know that there's another person who suffers similarly, and I'm also dreading the day when someone at my running club comments on an unusual sound!

    Given that you get it more on an empty stomach, next time I go running I'm going to stuff myself with food until about 3h before, and see if that works, and if it doesn't, I will try to find a sympathetic doctor.

  • I tend to find I'm fine after a normal breakfast if I run mid morning but if I leave running until lunchtime it starts.  I don't do anything special - just time my runs if I want to avoid it.  Interestingly I always interpreted it as liquid sloshing around by does sound exaclty like what you're getting so I may be wrong.

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