Running if you have been ill

Hey guys, I've been training towards 5k for 5 weeks now and am due to go to my local ParkRun tomorrow. However 2 days ago I had a cheeky KFC and was ill constantly too and fro from the toilet.. 

I wont go in to much detail, but I took the day off work today to rest up and try and rehydrate, and although I feel fine now I still think my stomach is quite unsettled. 

My question is, should I go to bed really early and drink loads of water tonight, and still attend parkrun? or skip it and wait for next week.

It's quite depressing and it's just my luck, I have been building up to this moment for a while and now I hit a set back. 

Im sure I could pop and immodium and be fine though, want to hear your opinions thats all image 



  • er, its only 5k?

  • Yeah, it's only 5k mate, but I started from 0k 5 weeks ago and it's a big stepping stone for me. Juts wondering what the opinions of others where.

    5K may not be much to you sire, but i'm sure it is not an insignificant distance to a large number of people on this forum, including me.

  • I would wait and see how you feel in the morning. A nights sleep can often make all tge difference.

    If it was me I wouldn't go if I felt dodgy I wouldn't go if it is your first Parkrun as you want to be able to enjoy it.

    Good luck.
  • Your local parkrun will still be there next week.  And the week after that. Get a good night's sleep and see how you feel in the morning. No point drinking loads of water cos your body will only piss out what it doesn't need.

    And ignore lardarse.  He's got a pretty negative outlook on life at the moment for some reason.

  • Okey dokey, thanks for the advice guys, I'm going to sleep now and will see how I am in the morning. As you said it will still be there next week. I guess I am just excited image


  • As Phil said it will be there next week. If you feel ok in the morning you could give it a go but don't be afraid to bail out/ walk if you come over all peculiar, there's always another day.
  • Yes no pressure. See what you're like tomorrow. I'd probably plan to go anyway and start at least. See how you go from there.

    Good luck !
  • Hey guys, ran the ParkRun this morning after a very good nights sleep. I felt a bit rumbly earlier on and had the vile taste of immodium in my mouth the whole way round. But in the end I decided to go and I finished it. Not sure of my time but I came 294th and there was maybe 4-500 people there, so not too bad. I have fingers crossed I am sub 30 mins though, but will find out when results come up on their site.

    Cheers for all the advice guys!

  • Your local Parkrun gets 500 runners.

    That is a solid turn out.

    Congratulations on completing it!
  • Well done! They are usually pretty quick getting results up. The ones from mine are already on there.

  • Yeah just seen the results, 31:04 so I can't really complain. 

    Will make it that little bit more achievable to get a pb under 30 mins next week. 

    Thanks a bunch for the kind words image

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