Garmin Forerunner 10 - reviews

Was wondering if anyone has bought the Garmin forerunner 10? Am looking for a cheap, fairly basic GPS watch and was wondering what people think of this watch. Any alternatives considered!


  • I think all the Garmin GPS products are reasonably good. I've a 305 but found to would drop GPS or struggle to get a signal when overcast or near buildings/trees. I now use GPS on my phone to track runs and a HRM (polar) to log my runs and...well heart rate.

    Not ideal for many I guess but I've found the combo to be consistent in its operation and function.
  • I find that my iPhone always say I have gone further sometimes over 2k on longer runs. My 28k 2 weeks ago was 30.5 on iPhone.

    As long as you are not going on very long runs and sync often the little I've seen about the new baby garmin implies it's fine, or spend ??150 not really much more for the 410 with HRM and you know you will be fine and not need to worry about upgraditis at any time. I have the 610 but from

    What I see and read the 410 seems very good for the money.
  • Thanks for the comments.  Have been using my phone, but want to know that i am keeping a consistant speed (I have a habit of setting off to fast!) and with the phone in my back pocket, i only know after the event.

    Booktrunk - will have a look into garmin 410. Maybe I will  save a bit longer and go over my £100 threshhold. I have noticed that the Soleus gps 3.0 watch has had some good feedback too.  Decisions, decisions.....



  • Reneroo, just to add an alternative (I too am looking at a Garmin watch in the future, as I am a big fan of their Sat Nav and GPSr units), but what app are you using on your iPhone?

    I'm still using Runmeter, which I've had ever since I started "this" bout of leisure running, and it gives you loads of stats plus audible announcements at whatever interval you choose.

    Just as an example, I have dozens of routes and activities set up in mine. This morning I ran a fairly easy 5K along a local route. Every 60 seconds I heard my total time running so far, my average pace, my total distance and my remaining distance.

    You get loads of facts & figures at the end of your run, which can be emailed to you as a report if you wish.

    Costs a lot less than a Garmin, and I have found it to be very accurate.

    (I've also seen a lot of opinions on here and elsewhere that a mobile 'phone app cannot possibly be as good as a dedicated unit, but many of the people stating  this opinion have absolutely no idea what these new applications are capable of.)

  • Yes but when it is pissing down with rain and sub zero I Personally would not want to soak my iPhone image great in the summer.. I'm a bit dubious about looking after them in winter. Just my opinion image
  • I think the iPhone has been ruled out image Go get yourself a Forerunner 10.
  • Have been using Runtastic but will try runmeter tonight.  Another down side is it takes me a while (several valuable seconds i might add!) to switch the counter off as i'm too sweaty to use the touch screen! Nice I know!

    Booktrunk - think your right about not wanting to ruin phone in crappy conditions.

    Big THANKS for all your comments. 

  • Well, Rumeter sorts all that out for you - you can set it to "stop" after your official distance for whatever activity you're doing (i.e. no need to touch the screen). I've been using it constantly since spring this year, and am still finding new features!

  • Have found out they don't make Runmeter for the android phone! Typical. Well that settles it then.  Cheaper to buy a watch then it is to buy an IPhone!

  • Let us know how you get on!
  • How does "Runmeter" compare with the Nike+ App? I have been using the latter for three months (only been running for 6 months) and find the fact that it keeps everything together online in one place very useful, but I am looking at alternatives.

    Does anyone have experience of using both? Just interested in what peeps think - I guess I could just give a whirl and see for myself - but I feel reluctant to leave Nike+ given that they already have 3 months of my data captured.


  • Can't speak for the Nike+ one personsally, but I have read a lot of reviews that state it's less than stellar compared to Runmeter.

    RM is ultimately completely customisable, offers maps, graphs and emailed reports of all your activity. If you have a Mac like me then it syncs directly to iCal too, so you have a permanent diary of your usage. At the end of each session it is easy to compare one run to any other from your history, by looking at pace, distance, top speed, elevation changes or any number of other requisites.

    You can build an infinite number of activity types, with as many intervals in each one as you wish, plus record however many routes you like. You can have audible announcements at any interval (time or distance) you choose, that can read out any or all of the stats that are being captured.

    Hope this gives a little insight. As has been pointed out, it IS iPhone only. 

  • Rundouble can be used for free runs aswell as doing training programmes and definitely suitable for Android as I have it on my phone. Am using it for my HM training.


  • Thanks Crimson, will check it out.


  • Reneroo - I've recently bought a Garmin Forerunner 305, and I love it. Bought a refurbished one so got it for £115.

    Previously used RunKeeper app but got frustrated with the average pace information - garmin has ability to customise layout, so I can have whatever information I want on the screen at the time. Sometimes its slow to connect to gps, but have found if I leave it at a window before I head out for a run, it picks up satelites so I'm ready to go as soon as I'm outside. 

    Spent alot of time researching and found this website to be a great source for reviews -



  • Hi Laura, thanks for the info! I had heard that the Garmin Forerunner 305's GPS lost its connection when going through woodland (which is where my runs tend to take me). Good price though!  Never thought about looking at re-condtioned ones!

    Thanks for website tip!


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