Ironman Training Schedules

Can anyone recommend a particular Ironman training schedule, or method?

Will be looking to do the larger distance sometime next year - probably TLD and one other-

I've read and have got quite a lot of info on trainign over the years, but thought something specific to Ironman distance might be worth investigating?


  • The "Triathletes Training Bible" (available from amazon) is a good starting point

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    caspar, take a look at tt's website ( tt put some training schedules on that cover every distance.
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • cheers

    I have a few books on endurance training, and dip and out for knowledge, but I have never followed a rigid six month plan that was tailored for a specific event.

    So I wasnt sure if it was better to floow an ironman plan or to folow individual schedules for the three disciplines
    I have never done an ironman, but have done other long distance events and trained for long distances so my base fitness is there.
  • There are schedules on
  • If you email me I'll send you a copy of one that we've used
  • Cheers Ironwolf
  • Thanks for the Plan- I certainly know who Paula Newby Fraser is.

    Have you hads success with this approach?

    I found her schedule interesting in two points-

    A stong advocate of weight training- a lot of schedules I have seen (primarily for shoter distances or just running/ cycling) seem to shy away from weights, or expect you to cram them in somewhere but not at the expense of one of the main disciplines

    Her having just a main 8 week focus (including 2 week taper)- Mentally this must be a lot easier.
    I definately started to feel the strain this summer after focussing 8 months soldily on the Marathon Des Sables and straight into 5 months focus for the UK Half Ironman.
    I was (still am) mentally exhausted and low and behold I dislocated my arm in Sherboourne. I am not saying that mental exhaustion is the main reason for this, but could have been a factor
  • IW - I would not minde a copy of that schedule - i've drpped you a line

  • WW and Pantman - you have mail.

    Caspar - it works for me and Mr. IW. I agree with Paula's strength training approach, I've used weights for years to keep me going, I find keeping myself stronger helps me a lot. I like her ideas too on starting from Olympic-tri training and adding distance and key workouts to it.
  • I do actually have another schedule, 13 weeks to a 13-hour IM, but neither of us have actually used it. If anyone wants it, I'll scan it in and email.
  • I'd be intersted in that as well- I am just trying to work everything out for next year

    although the PNF looks very tempting
  • IW - Cheers
  • Sorry guys, the scanned doc is not easy to read, so looks like I'll have to type it all. Give me a bit more time and I'll get it to you.
  • the 13week one is on the website
  • ah ha yeah I got that one

  • If you buy Gale Bernhardt's book "Training plans for multisport athletes" It also has a 26 week IM plan and 2 half IM plans. I would really recommend it, you can get it from

  • Caspar

    Have you looked at the tips page on Gordoworld (

    Plenty of good stuff here.
  • the 13week plan I have is the same one from Gale Bernhardt. But working with different HR zones gives me the pip even though I know current wisdom places a lot of stress on doing it. I'm sticking to my tried and true PNF 7 months.
  • Thrilled to find this thread. I have been looking for a training schedule for IM for next summer to no avail. Thanks.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    ann, there is a training schedule on tt too i believe. go to
    a few of us chat in there too.
    Endurance Coach @
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Thanks Daz. I will try that.
  • "Training for Endurance" by Dr. Philip Maffetone He`s coached Mark Allen and Mike Pigg. I`ve used it for my 1st IM.
  • Dazzy Boy - You used the MAF stuff?
    I bought pccoach a few years ago but just couldn't or wouldn't allow myself to use the Maffetone approach of 180 - age (+- factor). Did you follow it strictly , and how did you do with this approach?

  • The book "Going Long" by JF & GB is aimed at IM distance training
  • Here's a good training tip - from a friend who's done lots of long / IM distance events - PB 9:45
    "you can do all of the physical training possible, only to be let down by mental weakness"
    This is what kept me going in my first IM.

  • I think that is probably true of anything endurance. I can't will myself to run faster but I can will myself to not quit. It has worked so far.

  • Ann - Paul's absolutely right. IM is as much about mental strength as physical. I've seen plenty of IM finishers with one leg or other serious disabilities. You are really only limited by what you think you can do.
  • I can vouch for the 13 hour one, if its the same as the one that was in triathlete mag in 2000. It is nice and simple, easy to follow and honest about true training volumes.
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