Almost 3 weeks out of my gout attack and theres still some pain in my big toe


So as title states, am 3 weeks out of my gout attack and my big toe still hurts when i flex it upward or downward, now i can run again and everything, but my toe still hurts.


How much time will it take till the pain is all gone. 1 mnth , 3 mnth a year?




  • Hi,

    I also suffer from gout and in my experience it really depends on how quickly you managed to catch the gout in the first place. When I had my first attack I didn;t know what it was and I have to tell you it still hurt even to swim with for 2-3 months. 

    My tips for getting the crystals gone are;

    1) Water, water and more water! statying properly hydrated will aid your recovery

    2) Avoid alcohol (all of it not just the yeasty beer)

    3) Montmorency Concentrated Cherry Juice - It's expensive but it's high alkaline content is apparently good at combating the uric acid levels and ultimately the crystals that cause the pain. (well it seems to help me)

    I am not a health professional just suffered for a longtime and the above is what I have learnt. Frustratingly I'm not over weight and don't drink beer just bad genetics!




  • My middle name is William, there is a commonality here. People called WIlliam get gout! LOL!

    Echo the Montmorency cherry juice, stick it in your Nuun bottle when you go for a run. 

    Er, how long till it's gone? Er, mine never does, it's always there to a greater or lesser degree. Usually just a niggle in the background though. Last big attack was 2009, lasted 8 weeks. When it's niggling, it hurts other joints too, fingers, wrists mainly and sometimes neck.and ankle. No idea why.

    FWIW, spinach sets it off in me.

  • finally pain is 98% gone , am staying away from food that increases chance of gout, drinking tons of h2o . havnt tried cherry juice, will look into it.



    anyways thanks for the heads up brother williams lol image

  • Not a William but am a gouty sufferer! Water water and more water!

    I've also found a hot Epsom salt foot bath to help. Not sure if it's medical or luck but I feel on two occasion it's use has sped things up nicely.
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