ITBS success

Just wanted to share my ITBS success story.

6 months ago on my final long distance run for the brighton marathon my knee went and i was struck down by ITBS... even after 4 months i couldnt run more than 1km without the friction kicking in...

Earlier today I ran my first 5km in a respectable 22 minutes ish..

After months of doing clams, leg lifts, accupuncture, foam roller, and a little despair a PT put me onto plyometrics..

Although I would stress the early core work laid the foundation for doing box jumps and hops etc and I returned to running using a fast tracked bupa beginners 5km program - i didnt just go out there and do it!

Anyway my knee no longer wobbles when i do single leg squats and my core stability is in a different league to what it was... confidence is back up and now going to pace myself back up to 10km for xmas followed by the marathon plan - fingers crossed this time!






  • Good news- do you think it was the break from running, or the core stability that fixed it?


  • i think it was the core stabilitystrength and going back with an interval runwalk plan..

  • That's good to hear. I have been suffering for 5 months now (since London marathon) and still can't run more that a few minutes before the pain kicks in. Have been trying to keep fit wirth swimming and spinning instead (although spinning not much better for knee pain to be honest!).

    I am also doing endless clams, planks, leg lifts etc and regularly seeing a physio. I recently underwent a biomechanical assessment and discovered that I have one tight hip, 2 tight hip flexors and some misallignment in my back an shoulders. So I am having some manual therapy (it hurts!) to correct it.

    Hopefully this will do the trick but I have realised that focusing on the injury site is not the answer, an overall assessment seems to be the key.

    Hope I have the same success as you Steven! Which exercises did you find were best for improving your core strength?

  • Hi all. I'm trying to sort out my problem and this feels right. I was in my 1st marathon two weeks ago (I'm 57, ouch) and at mile 24 my right knee suddenly started to hurt and I had to walk the last 2. Two days later the pain was gone, so I waited 5 more days and did an easy 7 mile. The pain came back at mile 4 or so but not so painful that I had to walk. Yesterday I did 12 mi and the pain was back after 3-4 again, but within 24 hr it's pretty much gone - no issues walking or climbing stairs. All three times, the knee was iced and elevated. No trips to the doc or physio yet so my question is to all of you ITBSers - does this sound like what you had? Do I go to my GP or straight to the PT? Ortho is a last resort because all they want to do is cut.  Thanks to all for any advice and good luck with your knees!

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