Night running gear

Hey all, This year is the first year I am really going to be taking running seriously over winter, but not 100 % sure what I really need. I mean I have plenty of the common sense stuff, base layers, high vis, road and trail shoes, but is there anything else I might need? I will primarily be running in the city, however have a few trail and fell races planned so I want to be prepared as possible, any advice welcome. Cheers JD


  • Head torch?

  • Yeah I did think that, but no idea where to even start, the ones I've seen range from like ??15 - ??400. There's gotta bet some form of difference between them?
  • Alpkit gamma only ??15 seems to be highly recommended, there's one in the post for me image
  • +1 for the gamma.

    Reflective is what you need for night. Fluo yellow is no use in the pitch black.
  • Gloves are the no.1 winter essential for me.

    Unless I'm heading off-road I don't bother with a head torch - usually plenty of light to see enough along country lanes I often run on, and I couldn't get on with the illuminated hedges whizzing past in my peripheral vision, also when very cold, the light bounces back off the condensation in my breath.

    Got some of those arm straps with LED lights from Lidl last year for just a few pounds. Flou, reflective, and pretty bright lights - great. I did away with the bib then which was a great relief - no flapping and causing runner's nipple.

  • Decent head gear to keep you r head warm. Simple but you can loose alot of heat there.

  • Yeah I have a decent hat, though really not a fan of wearing them, I always sweat like hell regardless of the conditions. Planning to do a bit of off road so I probably will get a head torch at some point, decided to go in the 25-40 bracket for one, it can be always used in't shed! Or attic if need be! Do you guys wear thermal running socks? Or just layer socks up?
  • Just my normal socks unless it's snowy then I stick seal skinz over the top of a thin pair!
  • I've had some stuff printed up for myself, wasn't cheap but nothing bespoke ever is. I bought some red tech T's then used the club 'unofficial' logo with the club name printed in reflective ink. It's warm enough to use through most of the year on an evening club run.

    I would always wear some thing reflective on my head, I just want my head to be seen at night.

    I've bought iron and danglies and wrist snaps from a company called cyberglow.

    Everyones different, some runners like the cold winter days and go out in shorts and vest. I need ear protection and gloves, very good gloves plus wind resistant jacket for winter running. I think I'm at the extreme end of not coping with the cold.

  • I generally like winter and would much prefer running in a moderately cold environment and than in warm weather. I have found some reflective tags from Trekmates which seem pretty cheap so gonna buy them and decided I will buy a headtorch as I'm sure I'll find use (plus I love gadgets). I'm thinking about this if all else fails I can play army's (as all25yr olds do) however there's some decent petzl ones out there so will have a further look first!
  • Yup, reflective it is, and a head torch. I have a Silva Trail Runner - got it in the sale at Snow and Rock. It has one main LED and two side ones for peripheral vision. Thought it might be a bit of a gimmick, but it works ridiculous well.

    Other than that, pair of tights, long sleeve top over a vest and a windproof if it looks blowy (I'm on the North East coast) and s wooly hat - stick a running cap on underneath if it's raining, bill keeps my specs clear.

    And some gloves - thin ones if it's just cold, neoprene bike gloves if it's proper wintery...

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