Compression tops for overweight runners

I was reading an article online by a guy who was overweight and started running and has ended up losing a ton of weight.  He suggested running with a compression top if you are overweight as it "keeps everything in place" image

Has anyone here who's overweight tried them and if so, how did you find them?


  • When I first starting running again, still carrying a lot of extra weight, I wanted to wear loose, baggy clothes to cover up because I was ashamed of my size.

    But the extra pounds are very "mobile" and it was so uncomfortable to have everything swinging and bouncing and wobbling...

    So I started wearing lycra and it made a huge difference. Suddenly I felt supported and less wobbly, it was perfect.

    I didn't go out looking for "compression" clothing, as when you are the size I was, pretty much all running wear is several sizes too small!

    But I definitely recommend snug, supportive clothing for bigger runners, male or female. It's a lot more comfortable and not as revealing or embarrassing as you think.

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