Strictly 2012

Have I missed it?



  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Hello are you?
  • Fine thanks Tom. Still sprinting, jumping ... that kind of thing. Been encouraged to get back dancing as excellent cross training over winter. Music to my ears.

    How are you ... I've seen you post on Middle Ground occasionally. I'm mainly on Fetch these days though I must admit.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Sharkie, it's so good to hear from were always one of my favourite forumites - the embodiment of enthusiasm and good vibes. I'm glad you're thriving.

    Me... I'm doing alright, running most days and seeing some stirrings of old abilities.

    Kindest regards

  • Woohoo! Found the new thread, thanks Sharkie image

    Here's the round up of the 2012 celebrities and their partners:

    • Fern Britton (and Artem Chigvintsev) - TV presenter
    • Dani Harmer (and Vincent Simone) - former 'Tracy Beaker' actress
    • Victoria Pendleton (and Brendan Cole) - ex-professional cyclist and Olympic gold medallist
    • Sid Owen (and Ola Jordan) - 'Eastenders' actor and former pop star (apparently?!)
    • Nicky Byrne (and new pro Karen Hauer) - member of Westlife
    • Johnny Ball (and Aliona Vilani) - TV personality (and Zoe's dad)
    • Kimberly Walsh (and Pasha Kovalev) - member of Girls Aloud
    • Jerry Hall (and Anton Du Beke) - former model and rock n' roll wife
    • Lisa Riley (and Robin Windsor) - former-Emmerdale actress
    • Denise Van Outen (and James Jordan) - actress and tv presenter
    • Michael Vaughan (and Natalie Lowe) - ex-cricketer and England captain
    • Louis Smith (and Flavia Cacace) - professional gymnast and Olympic medalist
    • Richard Arnold (and Erin Boag) - TV presenter
    • Colin Salmon (and Kristina Rihanoff) - actor (and head of MI6 image )
  • *cha cha chas into new thread*

    Oooh it's all sparkly image

  • *waves to everyone*

    Early favourite for me - Louis Smith. I'm expecting to see some fairly swish moves from the gymnast image

  • Shall we keep the new thread? Or go with the old one....

    I don't mind but a new one might be easier to keep up with. And I do like xine's neat round up to kick it all off.

    Looks like Louis is a hot (phwoar eh) favourite already. And such a 'nice' young man. Smirks. No he IS. he was fabulously gracious about that silver medal. Top lad.

  • Louis Smith for me too, a very talented, charming man (and very good looking!). I hope that he's able to pull off the less exhuberant dances too, that seems to be a criticism that is often levelled at the contestants with a gymnastics background. I especially hope that we get to see him tango with Flavia - that should be really special image

    I'm really happy with this year's lineup, a lot of potential and I think having four judges with professional dance backgrounds - whether as dancers or choreographers -  will be a big improvement.

    My boyfriend is also very happy with this year's line up as in addition to the professional dancers (Ola and Kristina especially) he's got Victoria, Kimberley and Denise to watch!

  • Yes, much as I liked Aleesha as a contestant and her general demeanour, I never really feel she contributed much to the judging panel. Let's hope Darcy turns out to be good value and not a dis-ahhhhh-ster!

  • xine: absolute snap (seem to remember us agreeing fairly frequently last year) yesterday I said to Raffo (my OH) that I thought Favia and Louis could do a great tango. And I so agree about the judges.

    I do hope there will be fewer idiotic 'funny' clips. More training please  - that's what's fascinating. But I fear it's a forlorn hope.

    Saw Matthew Bourne's Play Without Words a while ago at Sadler's Wells. It was totally brilliant. Have booked for the new Sleeping Beauty in early December. Also went to see Top Hat with Tom Chambers in early June. It's still on and I do recommend. The female lead - Summer Strallen - in the Ginger Rogers role was a complete revelation to me. She was sensational.

    What with the Olympics too am now seriously broke.

    But happy.


  • Bear - I hope so too!  I remember Ali Bastian often being criticised for being too balletic, so it will be interesting to see how Darcey turns her hand to judging ballroom.

    sharkie : Ah yes, my fellow Matthew Bourne fan! I missed Play Without Words - gutted! - but I've also got tickets to see Sleeping Beauty in December (on a Sunday, just in case the BBC come through with my Strictly tickets on the Saturday nights!). I will have a look for special offers on Top Hat tickets, I saw Singin' In The Rain a few months back and was really disappointed so was a bit sceptical about another big Hollywood adaptation but if it comes recommended I will give it a go!

    Roll on 5th October image image image

  • I would have thought there were too many tattoos around for Tom to enjoy it ?

    Just means that the TV can be switched off all Saturday night rather than just part of it.

  • I like the look of this year's line-up and am looking forward to seeing what they can do. I can't think who the new female pro has replaced though (I have the memory of a goldfish these days!)?

    I didn't think much of Darcey as guest judge last year but thought it might be that she didn't want to say much as she was only there for 1 week. I do hope that we get some real insight from her this year. Loved her dance with Ian - even if she did have to correct her position at the vey end.



  • Victoria Pendleton, Darcey Bussell, Flavia Thingummyjig (amazing dimples)... oh dear, am I going to start watching a prime-slot Saturday night TV programme on a regular basis??


  • Vicky P has thighs you could crack walnuts on.......

  • Slugsta - I noticed that ...right at the end - a little wobble. But she still moves so beautifully, gorgeous line and extensions  - but then you'd expect that. I've read she hopes to be constructively critical. Do hope so.

    xine - Thanks for the heads up about Singin' in the Rain, we did consider it. For me mainly on the strength of Adam Cooper. On investigation it had mixed reviews and bizarrely I've never liked the film that much. I saw a clip recently and thought I really should give it yet another go, and try and appreciate Gene Kelly  - I somehow don't (now there's an admission).

    The music in Top Hat is all Irving Berlin and just fabulous. Several numbers that weren't in the film are seamlessly introduced including Let's Face the Music and Dance. Raffo REALLY enjoyed it (he's quite blokey but a bit arty too I guess)

    Oooh a darrrrrrnce thread... I really should get on with some work!




  • You have good taste in women Phil image all class athletes (cos dancers are) as well as serious lookers.

    No orange blondes in your list!

    I expect Vicky P will be instructed to apply the fakebake fairly soon though. It was noticeable how classily pale she looked next to Kimberly 'Orange' Walsh. Who I don't dislike and am hoping to warm to. Not her fault she's from the wrong side of the Pennines image



  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    Vicky P has thighs you could crack walnuts on.......

    Think I'll invite her round for Christmas then.

  • Well lets wait and see.

    My totally based on nothing early views are:

    • Fern Britton  - Perhaps one to struggle
    • Dani Harmer - No Idea what she may do
    • Victoria Pendleton - will have the fitness to do well. The legs may be a bit too well defined to look balletic but definitely look good image Gold Medal should get her through the early weeks. In the first two weeks you can;t really say how will somebody will dance so tends to be a populairty vote.
    • Sid Owen -  Could be one to struggle. Need to trade the Thunderbirds Brain glasses in for some contacts for dancing i suspect.
    • Nicky Byrne - No idea
    • Johnny Ball  - 74 is some age for this although he looks pretty spritely. Suspect Ballroom will be good but Latin might be more of a challenge (mind you that sounds like a description of Anton Du Beke!)
    • Kimberly Walsh -probably the most down to Earth of the loud girls. She could do quite well not that the band's dance moves ever looked much.
    • Jerry Hall - American so may struggle. Not being personally biaised but the foreign contendors on Strictly have never done that well, unless they were Australians who had pretty much become honorary Brits. She may get a following but won;t start with one I suspect so early weeks will be a risk for her.
    • Lisa Riley - a large lady and can't help think she is going to struggle. However suspect she may have a personaility that might get her some votes early on and if she gives it a go the Brits love a tryer.
    • Denise Van Outen - has been at pains to say she doesn;t have dance background. Nonetheless she is one who may well be quite good and interesting match-up with James.
    • Michael Vaughan - Suspect he might be more Tuffers than Ramps but lets see
    • Louis Smith - He really should be an early favourite. Certainly fit enough. Will have great strength so could be into lifts early. Does he have the flair though? Male Gymnasts are more strength than finesse but lets see. Either way his Olympic medals should get him through the early weeks and should get he grandma vote as well, Possibly biggest risk is that he does start really well and then plateaus. Would be an early favourite though.
    • Richard Arnold - I am not sure why but just think he is going to struggle.
    • Colin Salmon - He has the bearing to do well. Lets see how he goes. Vary tall though and perhaps should have got Natalie Lowe. Kristina might be a little short for him and he may tend to lean forward too much rather than keeping posture

    All of the above is totally subjective and based on nothing really so lets see how they go. As a local Bedfordshire lass and Olympic star then Vicky will get my early sympathy. She'll certainly give it a go.

    Mind you everybody usually does, well apart from Quentin Wilson!

  • Good summing up there BtB image

    My summing up!

    • Fern Britton  - Won't get very far as she really blotted her copy book with GBP by lying about her weight loss.  Never bothered me but it pee'd off lots of people
    • Dani Harmer - She'll struggle, doesn't seem very interesting an her fan base are too young to be watching Strictly
    • Victoria Pendleton - Should do well on back of Lympix but there are a number who seem to be slating her for whinging a lot (not my opinion, I think she's fab!)  Will certainly be able to cope with the training, whether she can dance we've yet to see
    • Sid Owen -  will be popular, he made me smile while watching it.
    • Nicky Byrne - Should be able to dance and will certainly breeze through the early weeks
    • Johnny Ball  - Seems popular and will even get some reflected glory from Zoe.  Can't see him lasting too long though
    • Kimberly Walsh - Nice girl and will go far I think
    • Jerry Hall - Really can't say, could go either way.  Antons fans will keep her in for the early stages
    • Lisa Riley - Sadly she won't be able to execte some of the moves and not sure her bubble personality will keep her in longer than a few weeks
    • Denise Van Outen - too much early suspicion of being a dancer alreay will stop a lot of GBP voting for her.  Also a lot of people don't like James so he can't guarantee her staying longer.  I suspect she will be the first 'shock' exit
    • Michael Vaughan - Hope he does well, that's maybe 'cos I'm a massive cricket fan.  He was always light on his feet as a batsman.  If he can survive the first weeks (amzing how many of GBP don't know much about cricket/ers!) and he can dance, he will do well
    • Louis Smith - Should do well (remember Matt was a gymnast!) but I sort of see 'nervousness' in his demeanour and think his dancing may be excellent but wooden.  Hope not though.
    • Richard Arnold - Gets on my nerves so hope he's out before long.
    • Colin Salmon - Gorgeous sex on legs with a gorgeous voice (not much help in dancing!)  Didn't realise he was quite so tall.  Kristina is good with choreography and I bet he can move so my guess is he will go far.
    Well I shall look forward to looking back at this post in December and see how wrong I got it!!


  • Watcher TopSec  - top summing up.
    I’m a cricket fan too and have always had a soft spot for Michael Vaughan. He was psychologically astute as a captain, and is a good communicator - might not seem like dance skills but in competition terms will certainly help. Probably won’t be plagued with Vicky style self doubt. Hope I warm to Natalie as a dancer - I kind of hoped Vaughnie would get one of my favourites, which she's not. Too chinny. How unreasonable can I get? Very.

    Like you I love Vicky P. I don’t think she whinges  - many of her criticisms about the cycling set up have been on hold till now. She’s surprisingly supportive of other women. She tries to be true to herself which gathers opprobrium when it doesn’t conform with stereotypes and I can’t help loving her for that. Gorgeous, fantastically physically talented, articulate, hard working …and plagued with self doubt  - what’s not to like?

    OH Raffo and I both agreed about Richard Arnold. Possibly so annoying because he insists on making not very amusing quips all the time? Get rid!

    So you don’t reckon Daniiiii will be another Chelseeeeeeeee. A poster elsewhere said her two girls were delighted by the Beakerette’s presence as she was only celeb they recognised.

    Also surprised Colin S isn’t partnered by one of the taller dancers. I thought Natalie too, or Erin - who always strikes me as quite tall. Might not be though.

    xine if you look in again and have time can you say what about Singin in the Rain you didn't like?

    Any more darrrrrnce news fellow twinkletoes?

  • Hi All!

    sharkie - sorry about late reply! I was mainly unimpressed with the quality of acting in Singin In The Rain, which I thought was unbelievably hammy (obviously musical theatre is generally OTT, but other productions manage to do it with charm, this didn't), and too few dance numbers. I thought it would actually be a more 'dancey' interpretation of the film, certainly some of the early reviews gave me that impression. The actual rain dance at the end of first act was quite good, so perhaps if you can get cheap tickets just leave during the interval.


  • Seperate post to break it up, my early thoughts:

    • Fern Britton  - Could go either way, I can't imagine her having much natural talent or athleticism but she wasn't too bad on one of the specials (can't remember which - Children In Need, Xmas Special??) Has the benefit of Artem as professional partner, granted he's been teamed with good celebrities so far, but he seems like an excellent choreographer who will work to showcase his partner's abilities rather than push them into routines that don't suit.
    • Dani Harmer - No idea. I do like Vincent, and again, he works with his partners to emphasise their strengths - I thought he did well with Natalie Cassidy a few years ago - but his choreography can be a little too safe (/boring) when he doesn't have a partner with natural talent.
    • Victoria Pendleton - I really, really want her to do well as I like her enormously but I fear that she might turn out to be this year's Michelle Williams - the one that everyone expects to do well but who just can't dance. Very atheltic and used to putting in the hours in training, but that doesn't necessarily translate to talent on the dancefloor. The public vote should carry her through the first few weeks regardless
    • Sid Owen -  will wait and see, he hasn't had many opportunities for foxtrotting around Albert Square and likely to be a big hit with the viewers thanks to Eastenders
    • Nicky Byrne - Hmm ... a bit of a wildcard - you'd think a boyband member would be quite good, at least in the first few weeks because they are used to learning some kind of choreography, but do Westlife dance much? I thought it was all sitting on stools and shooting brooding looks at the camera.
    • Johnny Ball  - I think he'll be good at the dances that call for lots of poise and elegance - waltz, foxtrot etc - and there is so much public goodwill towards him.
    • Kimberly Walsh - I really like her, she seems very down to earth - I liked her comment about never beating Westlife before so she had to try this time! I would expect her to be used to following simple choreography, so shouldn't be too much of a stretch to get her head around the first few weeks. I think she'll be brilliant at Latin dances like cha cha, but might need to tone it down a bit for ballroom.
    • Jerry Hall - Not sure, I thought she'd be quite graceful but she didn't seem it what I saw of her in the group dance. I'm not sure about Anton as partner either, he can be very good but he has a tendency to play up the comedy/slapstick element of his routines when his partner isn't so good whereas someone like Flavia manages to balance the comedy with charm and some actual dance steps!
    • Lisa Riley - Not sure at all, first impression is that it will be difficult for her to manage the technical aspect of some of the dances simply due to her size (btw, I loved her comment about doing it for the chubbers!) , but then again she's paired with Robin who should be strong enough to lift her. Just because they might not be able to do some of the more advanced lifts, doesn't mean that she won't be a good dancer. One of my favourite contestants on DWTS - Kyle Massey - made it to the finals despite not being as athletic as some of the other male contestants.
    • Denise Van Outen - I think James might be on to a winner this year!
    • Michael Vaughan - I don't know enough about him to make a guess, but Natalie Lowe is one of my favourite professionals and I think she's another one who is particularly mindful of her partners strengths/weaknesses.
    • Louis Smith - My favourite, I think he's got more natural ability than Denise but it can be harder for the
  • Ahh! Lost the end of my post! To finish up ...

    * Louis Smith - my favourite! I think he'll do very well and I'm excited to see what Flavia comes up with now that she's got a partner with real potential. But I think it's harder for the male celebrities because they don't have the advantage of it being acceptable to be led around the dancefloor by their partner. He'll need to look in control of the dances to be in with a shot at the glitterball.

    • Richard Arnold - I think he's trying to be this year's Chris Hollins and I didn't like the fact that he won a few years ago when Ricky Whittle was BY FAR the better dancer.
    • Colin Salmon - I can imagine he'll be excellent at ballroom and dances like tango and paso (my favourites!) where he really has to LEAD. Jive and charleston might be tricky as typically they are harder for very tall contestants, but Scott Marsden danced a brilliant jive a couple of years ago, and Gilles Marini - my favourite DWTS contestant. EVER (YouTube his tango videos!) - was also great despite being very tall.

    Roll on the 5/6th October - only 17 days to go!

  • Had a email from the NIA yesterday to say that priority booking for the Live show was starting tomorrow. Friday is the day for everyone else. image

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Just thought the thread needed bouncing as we are getting near image

    Watched some of the training clips on BBC and most of them are looking OK, think this years is going to be a tough one image


  • Great minds etc etc. just read xine's excellent thoughts so far... Perhaps we will all start checking in now. clips have been encouraging - but poor Aliona! Dani and Vincent look promising - nice self deprecation there too about being titches. Could she be this years Chelseeeeeee without the irritation factor. She does appear to be I possession of a braincell after all.

    Early indications suggest Rickeeeeeeee will be quite crap. And a bit boring.
  • I haven't watched many of the training videos but I saw an early snippet of Kimberley and Pasha. I'm pleased that she's got the cha cha as her first dance, should showcase her talent nicely and also gets it out of the way early in the competition as the judges get much harsher when judging it as the weeks go by.

    I think this is going to be a tough one to call, but if I was going to bet it would be on Louis and Denise to reach the final with Denise to just snatch the win.

    No news on my audience tickets yet - looks like I will be watching it all from the sofa image

  • I wouldn't normally watch something like Strictly, but I think I'll tune in for Victoria Pendleton image

    Really can't stand Bruce Forsyth, so I'm going to have to record it and fast-forward through the bits where he tells his "jokes".

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    You and a million others!! Me, I can take him or leave him, not fussed either way image

    Xine, you think Denise for the win?? She will sure be able to do it and has a nice enough personality (plus being married to the lovely Lee) but I think she will suffer from the 'she has dance training' loss of votes.
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