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  • i think colin isn't getting any credit. he is a great mover, very composed and stylish, yet he gets mediocre scores and even less praise.

  • Definitely seem to be judges faves and judges pet hates in terms of people rather than performances......

    I'd wondered re the Jerry's great comments too but hadn't realised why......

    My colleague has seats for Saturday - not that I'm jealous or anything, oh no not me..............much........

    Oh dear - work calls...............

  • I agree re: Colin, I think he has a lot of ability that isn't coming through particularly well. He isn't helped by the cheesy Bond-influenced routines that Kristina choreographs and it was far too early for the Argentine Tango last week. A normal tango would have been ok but the AT is more complicated and he didn't/couldn't do the footwork to get the higher scores from the judges.

    Not nice about Fern/Lisa/Jerry image

  • That's true. it is such an amazing dance but requires specialist skillz. bet daniel craig is good at it image

  • Of course, he'd probably be able to AT while picking off baddies on the other side of the room with cunningly thrown knives image

  • haha. i do rather feel the whole james bond thing is wearing a bit thin. he isn't daniel craig ffs.


  • Did I detect all's not well in the Sid-Ola camp?  On ITT he didn't seem at all happy with last week's routine or this week's music.

    It's going to be difficult for him training with Iveta, the dancing with Ola on Saturday.  Did Ola insist, I wonder?

  • I wondered why he couldn't dance with Iveta. I think it might be down to the viewers vote for him on Saturday.

    Just wondered why we had 2 special weeks so close together. Shouldn't they really just be getting on with the dancing at this point?
  • Yes it will be weird if Sid practises with Iveta and dances with Ola. I think it would be better for him to dance with Iveta on Saturday and then start with Ola again on the next dance provided he gets through.

    I also agree it's odd having 2 themes back to back. It would have been better to do Hollywood later especially when there were just too many dancers last week. Maybe they were desperate to get Jerry to do Mrs Robinson and knew that she would only last a couple of weeks?

  • Argh paloma faith and Larry lamb are doing my head in on ITT. Did anyone else see it?
  • Sadly yes - I found Paloma Faith the worst - talk about vapid!

    Didn't really enjoy ITT tonight which is a shame as Friday is one of the few nights I can be fairly sure to see it.....

    Oh well - roll on tomorrow image

  • Friday is normally really good, a real build-up to Saturday night. Tonight was disappointing. Miss by 'eck wandered off to put her bowl in the dishwasher
  • Evening. Anybody else here? image

  • I'm here image

  • Me too. Just a few minutes behind the rest of you
  • I don't feel able to make intelligent and knowlegdable comments on the dance technique, but I do love that Lisa image

  • Yes, I love Lisa too image

  • We've just seen Richard here and I thought it was rubbish technique.
  • I'd practice with Ola, and then show Vicky how I'd improved
  • quiet in here tonight !

    some impressive dancing going on, but I still feel that the initial potential just hasn't been realised.

  • It's too gimmicky for my liking. I don't mind a bit of setting the scene but it seems to go on and in. Like Bruce's "jokes"
  • Evening - just sat down with a glass of wine for a good read back and crikey - why is it so quiet tonight ? 

    I dont like the themed nights. The choice of music is so limited and it doesn;t match the spirit of the dance, especially in the tango or the paso. 

    I thought Michael was great tonight, as was Louis.

    Lisa is entertaining but I fear she started at her peak. I want her to pick her feet up a bit more - not that I know what I'm talking about of course. 

    Sid was just terrible and it might be his turn to go this week. 

    Can we get back to normal now please and less of the silly dressing up? 

    *goes back to wine muttering like a grumpy old woman*

  • I agree soupy. She needs to get a bit.more bounce happening and be lighter on her feet. The judges don't seem to mention it. D'you reckon it's cos they're worried about being accused of picking on her because of her weight
  • I hoped they would give up those terrible bits of video and really show us "here they are in training" but unfortunately not. I hate those nonsense bits of film which really bear no relation to the show at all. Last night was even worse with all the silly pretend scariness.

    Loved both Michael and Louis.

  • Agreed wolfy - I cringe at some of those video set-ups. They were even worse than Brucie's jokes this week. 

    So who do we think is going out this week. Or rather has gone out but pretending they haven't yet. 

  • Well I won't play cos I found,out accidentally but it was who I thought
  • Just watching on iPlayer and fast forwarding through the annoying "in training" bits

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