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  • We fast forwarded the in training bits, Bruce and some of Tess' drivel
  • Evening

    I would have been in last night but was at pal's house waiting for her teenager to come home and sort out the dogs who would have been left for 10 1/2 hours in the house alone if I hadn't dropped in a couple of times......... image  It's a long story !!!!!!

    however I did manage to watch while I was waiting for him

    Suspect Sid may go - to me he doesn't actually seem very happy so perhaps if he isn't enjoying it it'll be a relief if he does go?

    Loved Lisa and Louis again - they did say last week she didn't have enough bounce but yes it is difficult to tell the overweight lady she's hefty on her feet isn't it! And actually the first week they all basically said "we're suprised you're so light on your feet!" albeit not in so many words!

    Very glad to see the ringer didn't lord over everyone - really just can't warm to her at all I'm afraid

    Very suprised that both Michael and Nicky made such huge strides but it looks as if whether they stay or go each week will depend on whether they have ballroom or latin to contend with

    I too intensely dislike the drivel of "funnies" both on Saturday and also on ITT - yes I love the programme for the glitz and the glam dresses - or nearly dresses - but I'd actually like to see real training and be able to learn a bit and appreciate a bit more the techniques involved

    This week's main beef however is reserved for Kristina who seems to choreograph just to show herself off by draping and prancing around Colin and not giving him any chance to show the judges what he can do - if this continues he will go home through lack of content if nothing else image

    right - having got all that off my chest I must remember not to miss this evening's big reveal image

  • Who is watching????
  • me - surprised at Colin being in the dance off?

  • Yeh me too.  Thought it would be Fern but Sid to go whatever. 

  • Len disagreed! image

    Right result in my mind and Sid looks quite relieved. 


  • no surprises there then - I like Sid, but not a dancer in any shape really

  • Definitely the right result imo. Why did Len disagree?
  • I think he was just being nice

  • I can't believe Len would have voted Colin off over Sid. Right result, though Colin wasn't as good as previous weeks.
  • Missed it on Saturday as was at a Halloween party, but caught up with all the videos on YouTube - for some reason all the dance segments of the iPlayer edition are REALLY pixellated.

    Anyway, I think the judges need to give Kristina a talking to about her choreography - instead of making them look better it makes Colin look like a much worse dancer than he is.

    Michael has to win some kind of award for most improved! A brilliant performance in what can be a really tricky dance. Nicky has also improved a lot from last week and Karen seems to be playing by the choreography rules now.

    Denise & James were good in the context of the overall show, but I thought a bit lacklustre after last week's performance. They didn't even have all the stupid gimmicks that some of the other couples had to contend with.

    Louis and Flavia - amazing! I'm so pleased to see Flavia tango with a good partner at last. Didn't think the criticism about his kicks being higher than hers was fair - I rewatched a couple of times and couldn't see it, unless the cameras didn't pick it up.

    Also really liked Kimberley and Pasha's paso doble - they seem to be going from strength to strength.

    Surprised that Colin was in the bottom 2, but I think it's probably curse of the middle of the board and people not voting for him because they assume he'll be safe from eviction but hopefully that will make Kristina improve her choreography for him.

    I think it was about time for Sid to go - a shame because I thought he did really well in Week 2 and there was great chemistry between him and Ola. Not sure where that all went, or why he had to train with Iveta all week and then dance with Ola on Saturday.

    I think Fern, Richard, Michael and Colin are in danger of elimination next week - it really depends on what dance they get and whether their professional partners can save them. (IMO Fern would have been out last week if she was paired with someone like Anton, I think Artem's choreography is saving her bacon at the moment).

  • Xine, Ola's mum has had a heart attack so she had to pop back to Poland

  • Ahh, I didn't realise that. Seems harsh that she was expected to dance on Saturday? Unless she wanted to

  • I think fern might go as people have heard rumours about her being nasty to other contestants. Christina does need to improve her choreography otherwise they will go.

    Flavia definitely is benefiting from having a capable partner who isn't content relying on gimmicks too win the public over.
  • Also watched it after recording it and whizzed pretty much everything except the dances!

    I think Sid was te right one to go. I have to say completely disagreed with the judges saying they dance off performances were better. I thought both were worse than first time ,especially Colin's actually but Sid started off worse so still the right one to go!

    I said to the wife last week, I wionder how Michael will do on ballroom given his awful Latin. The answer was really well and I was very impressed. I think his Latin will continue to be an issue for him though but if nothing else when he goes he will be able to point to a very good dance.

    I was also interested to see Louis in hold and not able to do some of his Gymnastic tricks. He passed that test though!

    I thought Denise's was one of her best routines actually as not really warmed to her yet.

    I did actually agree with a few of the comments on Lisa, didn't quite seem to get the Charleston steps going and surprised me a bit as i thought this would be a really good one for her. It was OK but maybe not as good as i thought it might be.

    I agree with Xine's list for next week. Fern, Colin, Richard and Michael (if he has a Latin). However I think it could be quite open at the moment and middle of the leaderboard is a definite issue for anybody that finds themselves there.

    The ones to stay at the moment should be Louis, Kimberley, Denise, Lisa.

    Probably Vicky and Dani as well. The rest could all be up to go.

    Overall the ladies are definitely better than the men this year with the very definite exception of Louis

  • Oh and meant to say that as i predicted last week, I didn't like the Halloween theme. It always seems to be too manufactured. The Hollywood theme generally works but was too early this year.

  • Bit late with my summing up, been a busy few days!

    Dani and Vincent: not a bad dance but the costumes were so horrible they were distracting. Vincent's wig image

    Richard and Erin: it had too much of the choreography she used for Austin's paso and he wasn't as good. But he really tried and had some good moments.

    Lisa and Robin: desperately needs some new choreography, too similar to the last 2 weeks. I think she's starting to run out of energy so hopefully a slow dance this week will help.

    Sid and Ola: it was the worst dance of the night and they deserved to go but I felt v. sorry for Ola. I wonder if Sid could have done better if he'd had a different order of dances?

    Nicky and Karen: better than last week but his posture is still bugging me

    Fern and Artem: surprised they weren't in the bottom two as it was a bit of a bland dance. I don't understand why she always has to be holding something with one of her hands, is it some sort of OCD thing? I quite liked seeing Artem dressed as a pumpkin though image

    Denise and James: odd costumes and I didn't really understand what they were aiming for. Dance was OK but for all she's got fantastic legs I'm not sure she used them as well as she could have

    Michael and Natalie: what a lovely surprise! image He was so much better than last week and just stormed that dance. Good choreography from Natalie as well, she's a clever teacher

    Victoria and Brendan: another pleasant surprise! She was much better and even though she was a bit wobbly and made a mistake in one section she kept going and really sold the dance. Still think her next dance (samba) is going to be a car crash image

    Colin and Kristina: a bit of a mess. Not sure if it's the height difference between them or maybe he's just not that good a dancer. Some of it looked awkward. I think Kristina needs to stop putting so many lifts in and go back to basic steps. I did like her cat ears though.

    Louis and Flavia: fantastic! He really got into character, danced well and had a great connection with Flavia. He's going to make the final I think. Dance of the evening for me.

    Kimberley and Pasha: this was so nearly a good dance but Pasha is too cute to be menacing and the dance seemed to fight against the song. Kimberley had good arms.

    Hopefully the last of the theme nights. I'd like a return to normal dancing and no more "comedy" VTs please


  • Good round up Nemo image

    Just saw that Louis got in trouble for tweeting commiserations to Sid on Saturday night - he forgot the results aren't public knowledge until Sunday. I don't know why BBC keep pretending the results show is live!

  • I think TessBruce/the stupid training montages are more annoying when you watch later on iplayer because you are actually sitting concentrating on it. when i see it live i'm always pottering about/cooking/drinking and miss most of that and just concentrate on the dances.

    im sorry but Flavia is a goddess. she is perfect.

  • other notes: dani and vincent are adorable. they are my favourite.

    colin is easily the best mover of the men, yet continues to get no praise. michael did well, and gets extra points for the fact that he seems to be so happy when he is dancing, even when he is awful (jive).

  • Evening All

    Is it just me or do they all seem to be struggling a bit in training this week?

    I've managed to actually see a couple of ITTs this week and many of them seem to be saying that they're finding it difficult...........

  • What are the dances this week? I'm so excited, tomorrow will be the first Saturday night in ages that I'm staying in and can watch Strictly live image

  • I'm away this weekend. image

  • I'm here but as usual swim training clashes with the programme and as that is the only training of any description I'm currently doing image I really can't justify missing it!

    I really must get Sky+ so I can record it - another job for the list of things to do this weekend is to investigate the cost of this... image

  • Right - gotta go now

    Can you please hitch a name to your comments this evening so they make sense when I read back - pretty please image image

    enjoy the sparklies image

  • Nobody here tonight? image

    Denise was great ... does Darcy only give high scores to good looking boys?!
  • Very quiet image

  • Hi Bear ... please can someone kidnap Bruce, I can't bear it any longer!!
  • Apparently he's not around next week - phew!

  • That is good news!

    I think Darcy is deliberately saying Louis wasn't great beacuse of the flack she gets about fancying him.
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