Strictly 2012



  • He did get a bit lost...
  • feel the fear, do it anyway wrote (see)

    What about Flavia - your angel?image

    well of course image

    dani's my favourite sleb. no-one compares to flavia.

  • I was telling him to let go of her skirt!!

    I think he's bottom but much improved latin wise - however - sorry to harp on but was it really only 1 mark less than Louis' for Craig?

  • Does seem a bit off
  • I love Lisa - her sheer joie de vivre and pleasure at doing the dancing is infectious image

  • I've really enjoyed tonight - no Bruce, few comedy vts, lovely dances image
  • So much better. Didn't feel as rushed or disorganized
  • It has been the most entertaining show tonight, the dancers seem to be showing the promise they did in the beginning. It's hard to tell who will be going home this week.

    and yes, I love Lisa, she gives the message that dancing is fun and for everyone!!

  • Couldn't agree more Dragon image

  • hear hear image

  • So who do we think is in the dance off?
  • Hmmm tough call...


    Great bit of AT to start with image

  • Erm, my call would be fern and a surprise
  • That was stunning. I image Vincent and Flavia image


    As for the dance off - I hope it's Fern and Richard, with Fern to go. Being a cricket fan, I have a massive soft spot for Michael.

  • Fern and someone anyway

  • Wow - poor Kimberley! No way they'll save Fern over her, though. 

  • Fern must go now surely

  • the right decision IMO - this competition is getting tougher. Whoever gets eliminated from now on, they've done well.

  • Just caught up. Obvious that Fern should go. 

    I loved the AT. 



  • Even Artem's chest couldn't save her
  • Just as well really as we'd had a bit too much chest bulge from Fern already!!

    Pasha looked so shocked to be in the bottom two (unsurprisingly) but in a way I was glad as it pretty much guaranteed Fern would go unless Kimberly really stuffed up....

    I notice that in the "review" of saturday night they steered well clear of Flavia and Louis in Len's Lens........image might have provoked fisticuffs on the sofa otherwise!!

  • It was not the most flattering dress design.

    Miss by eck hasn't yet seen the results show so I will need to keep the result a secret until tomorrow night. Eek.
  • I was at a dinner dance on Saturday, so I just managed to squeeze Strictly in before the results show! (BTW, there were some good dancers at the dinner dance, and I was impressed by some of the tangos!)

    I loved Denise's performance, and Lewis, Dani, Kimberley and Lisa. Michael will never conquer Latin, and he was very lucky that the viewers voted for him in droves. Victoria was better, but she's never going to be great, so it will be interesting to see how long she will remain in. I love Richard, but he too is living on borrowed time!

    I couldn't understand why Criag was so hard on Lewis; it seems really strange....

    I was completely shocked that Kimberley was in the dance off, but not about Fern. I felt the judges' decision was right, as Fern's performances in the previous 2 weeks were so lack lustre that she's only been hanging on by her fingertips. I'll miss Artem's chest, but I'm sure it will turn up in the groups dances image

  • Fern was the right person to be eliminated - she's been living on borrowed time since last week! - but I can't believe that Kimberley was in the bottom 2 along with her. Not just because her dance was very good, but because I thought she would have thousands of fans voting to keep her in.

    Based purely on dance ability, the bottom 2 next week should be Richard and Victoria.

    Louis-gate! I understand Craig's criticism, but no way was that dance deserving of a mere 6. Even if he penalised them for what he saw as faults, he should have marked higher for the dance content that was there. When you see who else gets 6 and higher from Craig it makes it even more ridiculous. However, it does make me wonder if Louis is the judges favourite to win and they are being harsh on purpose.

    Denise and James Paso was great apart from Denise's gurning facial expressions. The 10 paddles must surely come out next week?

    I loved Dani and Vincent's tango, and the AT showdance. I saw Midnight Tango earlier this year and will definitely get tickets for 2013 image

  • Flavia made me stop eating my chicken chilli massala for four whole minutes last night.  That is all.


  • Is it on YouTube yet? Miss by eck watched this mornin ans deleted it before I got a chance to see image
  • craig has lost quite a lot of weight.

  • it'll be interesting to see how kimberley responds to the knowledge that, even though the judges like her, she doesn't seem to be very popular among the public. whether it will make her more outgoing.

  • She does seem to be less interesting than the others
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