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  • she seems fine.....just not very cuddly. difficult to warm to.

    it's difficult to imagine anyone voting for her. she is a good dancer, but not as good as dani or denise...and not as fun.

    but now I feel mean and harsh.

  • She's actually gone up in my estimation since I simply knew her as the third best looking one out of Girls Aloud.


  • i only knew cheryl. do they each have a different regional accent?

  • Erm.... I don't know! And I should having a pop obsessed pre-teen.
  • It's strange, I've almost missed the fact that she's there image

  • I find Nimble Kimble instantly forgettable, which is odd because she is good looking and a nice dancer, it's just that when they show the highlights I tend to think 'Oh yes, her. She danced too, didn't she?'

    But it was the right result, and Fern probably lasted a week beyond her time. I'm sure that if she'd been in the dance off last week she'd have gone.

  • ditto all that yeo said!

  • I disagree. As a dancer I find Kimbers preferable to Danni. Yes Danni's good and 'gets' all the steps however...  not her fault but her body and short limbs get in the way of her being really good (for me) - not helped by some atrocious costume choices. Knee high socks on a munchkin anyone? There's also something a bit stompy about her movement  - although she is light on her feet. But she did look like a teenager in a strop outside that phonebox.

    Kimberley has actually suprised me with some fairly subtle acting. I tihnk she makes lovely shapes, has musicality (nothing to do with her being an G'aloudster) AND she works hard and is nicely self critical without being needy. She looks great in the outfits and is a pleasure to watch.




  • sharkie, Nimble Kimble is a good dancer, and more pleasing on the eye to watch, but she doesn't come across as well some of the other dancers, like Dani, who come across better in the interviews


    Oh, and I agree that some of Dani's costumes have been atrocious

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    I'm just catching up on Saturday's Strictly - loving the handbags over Louis! What is Craig on?!

  • Listened to Craig's explanation of the low marks on ITT last night, and whilst I understand where he's coming from, I still think 6 was too low. However, he admitted that he had assumed the other judges would be giving 8s, in which case his 6 wouldn't have looked too harsh, and he was shocked when they all gave 9s.

  • I love Kimberley! She's my favourite from Girls Aloud. Not that I listen to Girls Aloud image 

    I think its the Curse of the Mid-table rather than the public actively disliking her, based on what I've seen so far, I think she deserves to be there in the quarter finals. If someone like Victoria stays at her expense I'll be annoyed image

    I'll have to watch ITT on iPlayer, I'd like to hear what Craig has to say for himsel!

  • Hmm me too - I missed it last night

    I usually appreciate Craig's criticisms and he does pick up on a lot of points but as someone said earlier he does seem to have marked down on the basis of all the "faults" rather than up on what was there.......and didn't he give Fern a 6 too?

    Comparisons anyone? image

  • I think Kimberley got a shock BUT agree with a few others. She is good so people assumed she would stay but because she was mid-table (it was a close evening) fell foul of the well known mid-table scenario. Happens every time.

    Actually I think the Loud Girls do pretty much have regional accents and must admit that Kimberley doesn't help when she opens her mouth. I can handle Geordie and Northern Irish but hers is a bit grating (hides behind a wall whilst expecting a Yorkshire backlash on that one - yes I am a Southerner but my wife is a Geordie (not its not Cheryl alreet Pet)) 

    I must admit for a moment I was worried that Kimberley AND Dani might end up in the bottom two then somebody good would have gone. As it was Fern going was right and she knew that she was out before she even went on the floor for the dance-off, which short of Kimberley falling over right. No chance of that you needed to be a male professional to fall over on Saturday - what was going on!

    Michael could well have gone because the poor guy just can't do Latin.

    He will survive if doing Ballroom at Wembley but if he is doing Latin in a big space he will look awful.

    Richard is also on borrowed time, He got the one dance that was really going to suit him this week and that kept him alive.

    It is quite close for the rest really. Nicky is the one that I always forget is in it and not sure he is that great and Victoria is on borrowed time a bit. She is another Michael, pretty good ballroom, all over the place in latin.

    For me at the moment Louis, Denise, Kimberley are the front runners,

    Dani is pretty good as well.

     Lisa is a great character and really good on her feet but probably semis is the best she will achieve unless she can find something more in the next few weeks.

    Then Nicky floating around unconviincingly.

    Michael and Victoria - Need a ballroom to survive, if either have Latin at Wembley it could look really awful.

    Richard bringing up the rear though and would be my choice for next to go.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    From this Yorkshire girl, I agree that Kimberlys accent is a bit grinding, I am from North Yorkshire (the best bitimage ) and she is from Bradford or Barnsley and has that really flat West Yorks accent.  I was very surprised when she was in the bottom two, it is the mid table shocker but I think it is also that she, lovely girl though she is, is just a bit dull and and just doesn't seem to spark much interest.  She is a nice dancer though (see? - nice???!)

    Denise, brilliant dance and dancer but just no, she is just too professional, she makes most of the others look what they are; amateurs, for that reason it just isn't right that she is there.

    Only Charleston I have ever liked was Chris & Ola, Richard did nothing too change that.  Can't decide if I like him or not.  He does come out with some hilarious comments but they all feel a bit 'staged'  Love Erin though.  Seems a shame she has descended to hanging upside down having her arse slapped by Richard image

    Victoria is getting better but still feel Brendan drags her round, think she has a couple of weeks more at most.

    Dani, fabulous dancer and she seems OK but whether it is the age difference (between me and her, not Vincent and her!) I just don't warm too her.  I agree with Sharkie she is too short and dumpy to look elegant and those god damn awful tattoo's.

    Fern, looked more relaxed and a shame she went, but it was her time.

    Nicky surprised me, it was better than I thought.  Maybe the cane use was to help his posture, draw the eye away from floppy arms or something but it worked.  I would say  he has a couple more weeks too.

    Michael - just love him and Natalie.  This is the first time I have really warmed to Natalie, I always felt she was uber competitive.  There was a serious cock up in the middle but they rescued it perfectly and the lifts were great.  He has American Smooth this weekend so safe for another week at least!

    Louis.  Brilliant.  Nuff said.  My winner.

    ps. his personality is coming through now and the relationship with Flavia is showing now image

    Lisa and Robin were good, I think they have a great partnership and I hope they are in till the end.

    I would say they will go out in this order now:

    Richard, Nicky, Kimberly, Michael, Victoria, Dani, Lisa, Denise, Louis

    All very dependent on dances in a particular week.  Mind you, aren't they going on to two dances after Wembley?



  • Top sec - Um interesting go out list, mainly because you have Kimberley (yes she is Bradford) in so early. I actually quite like her. You expect pop stars to be up themselves and she isn't and can take criticism. Mind you my wife doesn't like her, although does think she is a good dancer.. Might be a male/female split thing here.

    Oh and the point about Dani and those Tattoos. Every week I think she has got out of a car, rubbed her legs down the sill and got them covered in mud and then remember they are tattoos. OK I don't like tattoos. especially not on women but they do look horrible, although not as much as the arboretum that Cheryl has wrapped around her upper thighimage

    Interesting comment about Natalie, she is a bit of a babe actually but we are seeing a bit more of her personality. Probably a masterstroke pairing an Aussie with a cricketer image

    I guess they will up to two dances each week soon. Not sure if it is after Wembley or not though.

  • A couple of good round-ups there but I still miss John from Wales. image

  • Evening

    Darn - still at work so missing ITT for the 2nd time this week.........there aren't enough hours in the day to iplayer everything I keep missing... image

    Oh well - c'est la vie image

    Liking the "go out" list and wouldn't really change it other than Kimvberly maybe staying longer as her fans realise they'll have to vote for her and hitting the phones.............

  • Interesting. I agree with an amalgamation of comments from Top Sec, B the B and Xine.

    Here’s my list to go. What I think will happen:
    Richard, Victoria, Nicky, Michael, Dani, Lisa, Denise, Louis

    An what I’d like to happen - while trying to be fairish as to dance ability.
    Nicky, Richard, Michael, Victoria, Dani, Lisa, Denise, Louis

    I reserve my right to change my mind.

    Still think Denise is a ringer but I do like her and James' jokey bickering relationship and she is improving  all the time. Her Paso was excellent and very convincing, although It somehow left me a bit cold. Which I admit is odd.

    I so wanted Vicky P. to be good but she just isn’t and can’t conquer her nerves and relax. Get those shoulders down honey! (That’s real sprinters stuff - you move so much freer, faster and easier if you relax your neck and shoulders. She is soooo fearless on the track, in spite of her vulnerability. I don’t see her as a spoiled child. Thinking about track cycling though it’s easy to understand how much easier it is for her to get her legs dancing than her upper body.

    Like Top Sec I have a soft spot for Michael Vaughan and love the way he has knuckled down to training AND found he enjoys it into the bargain. He looks at Natalie like he’s a trusting, intelligent puppy.

    Top Sec - never mind you being North Yorks, I'm a Manc - and here I am defending Bradford's finest! But I do like her. Me and my partner Raffo are both relative codgers and Raffo thinks there’s a bit of an age thing with Dani. He can’t relate to her at all, doesn’t fancy her (too young and too dumpy!) but thinks Kimbers is a bit of a babe and agrees with me that she can dance. And works hard (how we love that!) I think Dani’s tatts are hideous too - now that IS an age thing! But they do make her legs look even shorter. I appreciate that she’s a nice person and a good dancer. But I still prefer Kimbers.

    I’m a girl (welI a wizened old crone actually) but I prefer my dancers  - male and female to be easy on the eye. Just call me shallow … I AM!

  • Haven't commentated on here for ages! I've kept up with SCD but missed a few episodes of ITT while I was away.

    I'd like to see a final 3 of Louis, Dani and Denise I think.

    I've gone off Lisa (poor, poor Artem image) and Robin now and they can leave whenever they like. Michael can stay for a few more weeks as he and Natalie have a funny partnership and he is at least trying and being enthusiastic without being over the top. Victoria can stay a bit longer too as she's good value in a car crash way image Kimberley and Nicky are OK in a meh kind of way but I don't think either of them deserve to be in the final unless they manage a great dance soon. Richard probably needs to go soon for Erin's sanity.

    Not enjoying this year as much as I hoped, there haven't been any wow dances for me yet image

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Sharkie, you missed Kimberley out?  I agree her fans will put in extra votes now and as I said I was surprised as she usually produces a nice dance.

    I was away from the thread a couple of weeks too LN, even though I avidly watched movie week and halloween week it all left me a bit flat and felt I couldn't even be bothered to comment image  We are also in Texas again this time until early Dec so sort of feel one step removed from it all, strange really.  Will be back for semis and finals though so that's good.

    By the way, forgot to say, how fabulous was Brendan and Natalies Rumba! image

    I think the only wow dance this year so far has been Robin & Lisa's ccc, I think more for the surprise at how good it was rather than it being a fab dance?

  • Stop calling Dani dumpy! it's a wee shame.

    I think the fact that sharkie missed kimberley out rather illustrates the point.

    I also thought Denise's Jive was pretty wow (not in capitals though)

  • I still have unnatural urges to do something to Claudia

  • My problem with Denise is that I see lots of good technique but it doesn't grab me, not sure why.

    The nearest dance to wow me was probably Dani's jive. And I think her tango would have been fantastic if only she was a little bit taller image

    I think the last 2 series spoiled me as there were some amazing dances even if I hated some of the contestants more than this lot.

    This year is so BEIGE!!! image

  • I have an urge to cut her fringe and take the heels off her shoes image

  • nothing will ever top kara and artem's AT. hey ho.

    i'm still enjoying Lisa and Robin. Despite having perhaps peaked too early she is not trading off her personality and 'fun factor' and presuming people will vote for her anyway. she is working extremely hard to learn and perform every dance to the maximum. And she also takes criticism very well.

  • Wasn't quite what I meant Nemo !

  • TopSec - what about Matt and Aliona's circus charleston? I thought that was brilliant image 

    I think this week at Wembley will be the acid test for many of the mid to bottom of the table couples. All that floor space to flop around awkwardly in!

    My ideal order of elimination:

    Victoria, Richard, Nicky, Michael, Dani, Lisa, Kimberley, Denise, Louis

     I really like Victoria as an athlete but she is a horrible dancer, so awkward and uncomfortable that I find her painful to watch. Richard is rubbish, but he seems to laugh at himself so I don't feel bad about laughing along with him.

  • xine267 wrote (see)

     acid test

    I bet Vicky thought she was past all the drugs tests   image

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